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Digital Solutions

Team as a Service

We build teams to meet the needs of our clients, becoming a true lever for them to achieve sustainable growth.

Digital Solutions

Team as a Service

We build teams to meet the needs of our clients, becoming a true lever for them to achieve sustainable growth.

At SEIDOR, we understand that the heart of any successful digital transformation lies in talent and collaboration. That is why we not only want to offer access to the best professionals in the sector, but we also want to keep the client at the forefront of new technologies with a scalable, efficient, and cutting-edge service model.

Our self-managed and multifunctional teams are the key to developing relevant and long-lasting products. With a structure that promotes autonomy, each team is prepared and equipped to handle all the phases and aspects required, from conceptualization and design to development, quality assurance, and maintenance.

Construction of digital solutions with multidisciplinary and self-managed teams delivering value in each sprint.

Differential approach
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Ability to grow as needed both horizontally (squads) and vertically (capacities).


We adapt to changes and modify equipment and scope according to the needs at any given time.


We provide all the mechanisms and tools necessary to have precise control of the progress.


Our first priority is to offer early and continuous value to the user, obtaining quick feedback and adapting whatever is necessary.

Value orientation
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From our SIC Office (Continuous Integration System) we offer support services to different supplier teams in the use of SCM tools and continuous integration. For more details on the services provided by the Office

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Director de desarrollo de negocio Innovation & Ventures en SEIDOR

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