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Licence management

Plan, control and save with optimum software management.


Licence management

Plan, control and save with optimum software management.

Software assets are becoming increasingly critical for organisations. Digitisation and the importance of technology lead software assets to become a significant part of the ICT budget. Consequently, licence management is becoming increasingly important in daily operations.

At SEIDOR, we have an in-house programme that allows you to assign and unassign licences to projects, departments or users, as well as to negotiate contracts with manufacturers or choose licencing models more efficiently, based on the reality of the needs.

Having a clear understanding of the software that is installed and available is key to optimising costs and the tools we provide organisations to ensure their productivity and collaboration. Therefore, software licence management is becoming and increasingly relevant business process.

Value proposition

Gestión de licencias. Inventario.


Take control of what has been purchased, what has been installed and what is used, and make intelligent decisions.



Reduce unnecessary purchasing costs or reduce penalty costs for manufacturer audits.

Gestión de inventarios. Planificación


Maintain optimal planning of annual costs or investment budgets.

Minimización de riesgos

Risk minimisation

Minimise risks related to product obsolescence, poor licencing or audits.



Inventory of contracts


Guidance during renewals and audits


Reconciliation between licensed and installed software


Installation inventory


Gestión de licencias. Amplia experiencia con más de 100 clientes

We have extensive experience with more than 100 clients managing and certifying software.

Pool de expertos certificados en gestión de activos de software

Pool of experts certified in software asset management that provide the service.

Posibilidad de tener expertos dedicados si el volumen o el cliente lo requiere

Possibility of having dedicated experts.