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17 October 2023

5 Reasons why SAP Business One works for growing manufacturing firms

SAP Business One is one of the world’s most popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. It’s already used globally by thousands of manufacturing firms working across various industry sectors.

This fully integrated, end-to-end system, includes all of the back-office functionalities required to run your business, in addition to the comprehensive manufacturing features.

There’s core functionality to unite your teams in production, finance, sales, support and supply chain management. All in one centralised application.

Here, we take a look at some of the key reasons why SAP Business One is such a popular choice with growing manufacturing firms and how this affordable system can transform the way your run your business.

Powering growth

SAP Business One is a solution that you’ll never outgrow. The system is designed to grow alongside your business without any expensive add-ons or additional modules. Companies simply add new users as their organisation and system grows. More importantly, you’ll only ever pay what your business requires, meaning SAP Business One offers low cost of ownership along with the latest manufacturing innovation.

Innovative features

The system offers a wide range of functionality that is specifically designed for small to medium-sized businesses. There’s a range of industry-specific features such as:

  • Bill of materials (BOM) management: Quickly create and manage complex BOMs, including multiple levels and revision control
  • Production planning and scheduling: Map out and schedule your production runs efficiently, taking into account factors such as inventory levels, machine availability, resources and customer demand
  • Quality control: SAP Business One helps you to implement and manage quality assurance tasks to ensure that your products or goods meet the standards your business and customers expect
  • Shop floor control: Gain real-time visibility into your shop floor operations, helping you to identify and resolve problems quickly

Working together

SAP Business One is a tightly integrated ERP solution, which means that all of the different modules work together seamlessly. This eliminates the need for disparate systems that drive manual data entry and reconciliation. More importantly, it provides you with a single source of truth for all of your business information. Unlike other manufacturing-specific solutions, SAP Business One brings your business closer together. Finally, your back-office and shop floor teams can work seamlessly together.

Actionable insight

A powerful reporting and analytics engine comes as standard in SAP Business One. This empowers users with the insights they need to make informed business decisions. You can create custom reports and dashboards to track key performance indicators (KPIs), identify trends, and forecast future performance.

More importantly, data is fed back into the system in real-time helping users to identify trends, make decisions faster and to react quicker to any new opportunities. SAP Business One brings your data to life and takes the guesswork out of running a growing manufacturing business.

Industry compliance

The solution helps growing companies to stay compliant with industry regulations and guidelines. There are various features that helps users to track and report on quality control, to monitor stock and its location within warehouses (serial and batch number tracking), and even to monitor environmental performance levels.

Used daily to manage critical business operations in more than 170 countries, and available within 27 separate languages, the solution also includes various localisations to help companies stay compliant with local financial regulations. When your business is ready to expand internationally, you’ll be able to extend your reach into new markets and manage global operations from a single system.

Why SAP Business One for manufacturing

With SAP Business One you can overcome any existing challenges. Whether discrete or a process manufacturing firm, the solution is able to meet all requirements.

"Light manufacturing firms can take their business into the cloud with a series of role-based solutions that address key manufacturing challenges, automate production processes and provide real-time data-driven insights," said Dan McLachlan, Senior Channel Manager at Boyum IT, an award-winning software solutions provider that works within the SAP eco-system.

"For companies that have more complex requirements, SAP Business One offers a powerful suite of advanced manufacturing tools. These include subcontracting, MRP I and MRP II, project management and shop-floor data collection.

“When used together, these tools help to streamline processes, increase production outputs and ultimately generate larger profits. SAP Business One is an affordable solution for any manufacturing firm, and one of the reasons why it’s so popular across the world with growing companies.”

How to find out more

Want to find out more about the changing role of software within the manufacturing industry? Download our exclusive white paper today to find out more about how technology is shaping key industry processes.

If you’d like to find out more about SAP Business One for your manufacturing firm, get in contact with one of our solution experts today. Call us on 01932 212 777

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