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SAP Business One Roadmap

29 September 2023

SAP Business One Road Map: August 2023

SAP has outlined its strategy to strengthen SAP Business One to become the ‘right ERP for SMEs in the digital economy’, according to the product’s latest road map.

Key product areas of future investment include flexible deployment models for users to accelerate cloud transformation and drive mobile adoptions, and continuous improvements to the solution’s core to create a global and highly scalable real-time ERP.

“We are making SAP Business One fit for the next decade,” said. Oliver Bahner, SVP, Head of SAP Midmarket & Ecosystem Success Unit at SAP.

SAP Business One is SAP’s best-selling ERP solution. There are already more than 77,000 SMEs and 1,200,000 daily users, who control and manage core business functions within this popular end-to-end system.

The solution is used in more than 170 countries and includes 50 specific country localisations and is available in 28 languages.

The Road Map outlines plans for continuous enhancements over the next few years via feature packages and support packages for greater user experience. But there are also plans to integrate the latest technologies within the system and to implement new business enables such as:

  • Robots and machine learning
  • Voice and intelligent assistants
  • Social media
  • E-commerce
  • Internet of Things

This is part of SAP’s plans to enhance customer value in the digital economy by empowering users with innovation at a low cost of ownership. SAP also wants to simplify the consumption of SAP Business One in the cloud, on-premise, and via mobile devices.

This will be completed by accelerating cloud transformation projects and driving mobile adoption levels. SAP says that by providing “maximum flexibility, low complexity,” it will help users to gain the “best control” of their businesses.

Other planned innovations for SAP Business One include greater functionality within the web client and additional Outlook 365 integration enhancements.
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