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Win more customers with SAP Business One

20 April 2022

How to win new customers with SAP Business One

If there has been anything good to come out of the pandemic, it is that it has accelerated digital change within SMEs. Over the last 12 months, the changing landscape has forced managing directors and CEOs to rethink their digital strategies, focusing on e-commerce tools.

Multi-channel, omnichannel, digital marketplaces, B2B eCommerce, headless eCommerce, Direct-to-consumer selling and social selling are buzzwords and trends which can be confusing and often muddle strategies when trying to determine the best way forward.

Historically, things were more straightforward when e-commerce meant an online store for your business via a corporate website. But with complexity comes opportunity, and SMEs must be ready when the opportunity comes knocking at their door.

SAP Business One and the Aphix digital platform is a cost-effective way to help companies cut through the confusion, sell smarter, and win new business online. Here are our top five ways this essential solution can help you win more business:

1. Integration

Attracting new business is relatively simple with the proper marketing in place. Keeping them satisfied and turning them into retained accounts is the tricky bit. When leads and orders start coming in, you will need the right system to process these automatically for a seamless customer experience.

Customers can make their first interactions with your business through the Aphix digital platform with real-time data, then pushed back into SAP Business One. It is a true end-to-end e-commerce ERP system. Pricing, stock availability and product information are managed in real-time in SAP, and orders are automated, so there are no manual or time-consuming tasks for staff to process.

2. Visibility

You’ll want to be where your customers hang out – and in a prominent position when they are ready to buy to boost online sales. Our eCommerce solutions allow you to connect to any digital channel or marketplace. Whether on Instagram, eBay or Amazon, you can engage with new prospects in any B2C, B2B, D2C or hybrid environment.

Although the world seems to have moved online over the last 12 months, it’s essential to consider the future. Traditional sales methods will still be a vital revenue channel when vaccination programmes have been completed, and the economy bounces back. Mobile tools can instantly place and process customers' orders from the field and send data back into your ERP system.

3. Accessibility

Consumer shopping habits have changed massively over the last decade. When shops close their doors in the retail sector, customers can still buy products using a mobile app or eCommerce store. Your business should be the same – otherwise, you risk customers going elsewhere.

By creating an online marketplace for your business, your customers can browse your product portfolio 24/7 and place orders when they are ready to buy. Stock availability is fed straight from SAP Business One to an eCommerce site, so there are no awkward phone calls or emails to tell customers that their order is delayed.

4. Functionality

Not all e-commerce solutions are the same. Even some of the biggest retailers on the market have issues. You’ve probably experienced it when you placed an order, only to be disappointed by a follow-up email informing you that your product is currently out of stock. It’s frustrating for consumers, who often go elsewhere to competitors.

But with SAP Business One, it’s different. Because of the live, real-time integration with a powerful back-end system, customers can enjoy extra levels of functionality and the confidence the orders they are placing will be fulfilled. Large orders can even be uploaded via a spreadsheet, and convenient tools like the Order Punchout make transactions fast and straightforward without leaving their procurement system.

5. Adaptability

If history has taught us anything, it is to prepare for the unexpected. Nobody could’ve predicted what was to happen across the globe at the start of January last year. Business owners have been forced to adapt quickly to maintain services, revenue and business continuity.

But change doesn’t have to mean disruption if you’ve got the right digital tools. With an SAP Business One e-commerce solution from SEIDOR, you can integrate online solutions, mobile apps, and eProcurement tools into one powerful ERP system – and win new customers online.

Want to find out more about our range of affordable e-commerce ERP solutions? Speak to one of our ERP experts today and start winning more business online.

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