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SAP Business One for the Food & Drink industry

20 October 2022

SAP Business One for the Food & Drink industry

SAP Business One is a solution used by more than 70,000 SMEs across a range of industries globally. Within the food and drink sector, it’s the perfect solution to manage critical manufacturing, compliance and supply chain processes – all from a centralised database.

This affordable end-to-end application includes all the tools to support organisations working across the food and drink industry. Powerful out-of-the-box features include warehouse and production management, quality control, real-time reporting, plus much more.

Finally, you can remove disparate finance, purchasing, production and inventory management solutions. SAP Business One is a proven all-in-one tool that helps simplify and handle the complexities and daily challenges of growing food and drink organisations.

How SAP Business One helps

Unlike other food and beverage software packages, SAP Business One includes core functionality that digitalises critical business tasks by integrating and automating different teams across your business.

Companies can improve and streamline production times by simplifying the management of recipes, resources and packaging using a multi-level Bill of Material in SAP Business One. Machine and labour resources are mapped out to avoid bottlenecks and to give clarity and control over the actual cost of a production run.

SAP Business One helps drive customer experience and satisfaction levels by meeting demand with powerful forecasting and reporting tools that deliver real-time information to assist with faster, more agile decision-making.

Traceability and Compliance in SAP

With SAP Business One, you have 360⁰ visibility into operations. Batch control, traceability and transparent item management are all features included within SAP Business One to help companies stay compliant and within food and beverage regulations.

Batch and serial number management is a crucial feature of the solution. Enabling full traceability and control as ingredients and materials are brought into the business, stored, issued to production, and dispatched.

To stay compliant with industry regulations and to help companies operate with confidence, there’s also functionality to quickly action auditable recalls and quality control tools that ultimately save organisations time, money and products.

What’s it like working with SEIDOR

SEIDOR is one of the world’s leading SAP Platinum Partners and the world’s leading SAP Business One partner. Globally, we have more than 800 certified experts who have experience working with all types of companies within the food and drink industry.

Butcher & Packer is a US-based manufacturer and distributor of flavours and spices mainly used in the production of sausages. Since working with SEIDOR and SAP Business One, the company has experienced 40% growth without having to increase overheads.

The company has streamlined its inventory by working with a centralised, integrated system. It now has the ability to track stock, analyse industry and customer trends, and grow operations – and, ultimately, profits.

Additionally, SEIDOR integrated Butcher & Parker’s website with SAP Business One to streamline sales order processing times and delivered huge productivity savings for the company.

SAP Business One for the Food & Drink industry

Working with SAP Business One

Get your team together today and see how SAP Business One can streamline and automate all of your critical business processes. Arrange a demo with one of our experts today. If you'd like to speak to one of our team, please call us on 01932 212 777.

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