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SAP Business One Version 10 General Availability

02 August 2021

SAP Business One Version 10 General Availability

After months of teasing us with new features and exciting functionality, SAP has released the latest major release of SAP Business One with Version 10 now in general availability.

The latest major release has progressed through all of its various development and testing stages and is now in general availability.

SAP Business One users will now be able to access their solution via V10’s newly designed web browser and post instant updates online without having to access their main solution.

Other eye-catching features include the new Microsoft Office 365 integrations, interactive Gaant charts, and the ability to drill down from Bills of Materials into Item Master Data to simplify and define production tasks.

SAP have also revealed plans within Version 10 to create a new localisation adapted for Brexit. This will be named UK International / Republic of Ireland and SAP say it will reflect any new regulations that are agreed as part of the UK and EU trade talks.

SAP Business One Web Client

The newly designed web client is set to change the way that users interact with their solution. Regardless of how your solution is hosted, in V10 you’ll be able to quickly access your data via popular web browsers. It was described by SAP’s B1 solution expert Ari Schapria as the “jewel in the crown” at the SAP Innovation Summit in Majorca earlier this year.

The web client is really easy to use and users can complete a host of common tasks quickly in the web client without ever having to go into SAP. The interface is almost identical to the local client with users having the ability to customise their home screen, depending on their role, requirements and preferences.

What else is new in V10?

There are about 30 new enhancements across the various modules in V10. You can take a look at these on in our V10 video blog. See the new tools for financials, sales & purchasing, inventory, production and project management. You can also take a look at details on the new Brexit localisation, usability improvements, administration enhancements and new security features.

How to deploy SAP Business One Version 10

Thinking of upgrading with Version 10 now in general availability? Our solution experts are available to answer any of your questions about deploying or upgrading to Version 10. You can reach our team today on 01932 212 777 or by contacting [email protected] to find out more about using SAP Business One Version 10.

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