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Is outdated manufacturing software holding you back?

05 April 2022

Is your outdated manufacturing software holding you back

Take a look around your manufacturing plant for a moment. Your production line probably includes a lot of machinery that aids productivity and reduces manpower to create your products. Yet when it comes to software, many firms continue to battle with outdated solutions that prevent their business from reaching its full potential.

If you are still relying on paper-based methods or multiple systems in different departments, you’re already playing catch-up. Manufacturing 4.0 combines affordable technology for the SME market with your business’s data to create a ‘smart factory’. Some people are even calling this the fourth industrial revolution – such is its potential to transform how manufacturing firms work.

Smart Decisions

Modern operating methods may seem out of reach for most SMEs, but it’s surprisingly accessible. Innovative features in affordable applications like SAP Business One schedule and automate critical processing. At the same time, live data exchange between the factory floor and a centralised solution helps keep track of progress.

An SAP Business One manufacturing solution will modernise your organisation and how it functions. Finally, you'll have complete visibility into your business and rely on accurate data to help make more innovative, more profitable decisions.

Streamlined Savings

Savings and new opportunities are available across your business when working from an integrated system. You can streamline the order to cash process by reducing your company's stock and quickly and efficiently dispatch goods. You can also instantly boost productivity by automating critical tasks and accurately forecasting customer demand by streamlining your supply chain.

Your production data and management are controlled and monitored through one centralised solution. You’ll be able to prevent any hold-ups in your production line and break down all of the different components that go into your finished goods to make sure you’re maximising your bottom line.

SAP ERP Manufacturing Software

Leading manufacturing firms across the globe have already replaced their outdated solutions with a powerful SAP ERP manufacturing solution. By managing operations in a single, end-to-end system, manufacturing firms can do more with less.

Core functionality includes:

  • Production Planning and BOM Management
  • Supplier Control and Inventory Management
  • Order Information and Goods Distribution
  • Powerful Customer Relationship Management
  • Head Office Integration and Subsidiary/Supplier Integration
  • Backwards/Forwards Traceability Reports
  • Plus much more

In addition to the robust production features, these affordable solutions integrate finance, sales & CRM, purchasing & procurement; service call activity; project management and much more in one application.

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