Wholesale and Distribution


Wholesale and Distribution

We respond to the specific needs of the wholesale and distribution sectors, propelling your company forward with the assistance of our specialized teams.

Efficient supply chain management leads to improved operating margins, inventory levels, and asset management.

Supply chain excellence is critical in an industry dominated by small margins and technological advancements, whether you are a distribution company or a wholesale distributor.

As these factors shape consumers' behaviors and purchasing preferences, macroenvironmental forces continue to disrupt the landscape of traditional distribution.

Agility and flexibility are key traits that a business should have in order to remain responsive to changes in this challenging market. Competitive pricing, delivery predictability, improved customer experiences, and lower operating costs have been identified as critical success factors for a company to thrive in the rapidly changing distribution industry.

SAP solutions assist businesses in achieving operational, profit, and cash flow excellence by:

  • High customer satisfaction, sales, and service efficiency as a result of efficient resource utilization
  • Improved processes for supplier collaboration, procurement, and supply chain management.

Industry Challenges


End-to-end digital integration

Nuevas Tecnologías

Efficient asset management


Collaborative and integrated processes with suppliers and clients


Optimized supply chain planning

Inventory Management

Efficient Inventory Visibility

workflows y project management

Redundancy Processes

búsqueda asistida

Quality Control

Wholesale and Distribution
Wholesale and Distribution
Wholesale and Distribution
Wholesale and Distribution
Wholesale and Distribution


Supply Chain


Handling Inventory

Managing Seasonality

Drag and drop

Contracts / Demand Planning

Customer orders
Electronic exchange and follow-up
Demand planning
KPIs portfolio and fulfilment of deliverables

Supply Chain

Internal and external supply chain planning
Container management and labelling
Advanced warehouse management

Finance & Control

Detailed P&L (by contract, part, customer)
Control of margins and costs
Treasury management
Asset control
Budgeting and reporting
Investment management

Inventory Accuracy

ERP offers real-time, accurate information about stock levels and composition

Eliminates improper stock levels and buildups of obsolete inventory

Managing Seasonality

Warehouses must use timely and accurate information when planning and forecasting demand, as well as providing supply chain visibility.




SAP Business One assists Craigcor Distribution to be more efficient

"We can now focus our attention on our two core strategies – regional growth and product line growth, as well as increased inventory control – in each of our locations.”

Matthew Lingenfelder, Managing Director, CraigCor Distribution.

07 December 2020

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