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Public Sector

We contribute to the transformation and evolution of the public sector through technology and innovation, in a social, economic and sustainable way with the aim of anticipating the future of the general public.

In recent years, and especially in the wake of the global crisis caused by Covid-19, the need to accelerate the transformation of the Public Sector towards a sector that fosters a greener, more digital, cohesive and egalitarian society has been accentuated. Guaranteeing equal opportunities, transforming our operations into a positive impact on the environment and the evolution of new business models based on eco-innovation, lead us to a company strategy in which achieving the accessibility of the Administration as well as sustainable industrialisation and consumption are some of the most important aspects that we will tackle through technology as a dynamic element of transformation.

At SEIDOR, we support all organisations and institutions that offer services to the general public in areas that are essential to people's lives, the citizens. We believe that generating both a social and environmental positive impact in the Public Sector is of utmost importance to creating an ideal environment for society and the business ecosystem, facilitating the achievement of today's and tomorrow's challenges and always in line with the goals of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs that represent it.

Working hand in hand with the sector, we are facing an intense transformation of local, regional and state Administration, based on a series of challenges aligned with the policies and initiatives of the European Union's recovery plan.

We approach these challenges from a sustainable development perspective in which we apply the promotion of equal opportunities, the facilitation of the use of clean and efficient technologies, the inclusion of ethical codes for the use of citizen data and the optimisation of the use of energy and resources through new technologies.

Challenges of the sector


Digital administration with governance through data, simplifying administrative processes and ensuring interoperability and mobility.


Attracting, retaining and developing talent with career plans, empowerment and co-responsibility and ensuring dignified work.


Transparency through participation mechanisms, clear regulations, communication channels and accessibility.


Eco-innovation with a focus on improving citizens' lives, energy and resource efficiency, co-creation of citizens and connecting with knowledge centres.


Our solutions for the Public Sector

Outsourcing de Gestión de Infraestructuras (ITO)

Outsourcing de Gestión de Infraestructuras (ITO)

Technology Management

solución outsourcing gestión de infraestructuras



Servicios de Ciberseguridad

Servicios de Ciberseguridad


servicios ciberseguridad
Desarrollo web y app

Desarrollo web y app

Customer Experience

desarrollo web

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