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October 11, 2022

Customer experience: the focus of every retail decision

The advancement of technology in recent years has driven a transition to digital and investment in customer experience. This movement happened to facilitate the purchase contact and improve the customer experience, seeking to make them loyal. Therefore, the strategies followed in the retail sector today are focused on the customer experience. Decisions are made with a focus on improving the purchase and making the process as satisfying as possible. And for this, technology enters the scene once again.

The importance of customer experience

Creating a positive customer experience means providing the customer with what they are looking for in a timely and accurate manner. An example is when consumers quickly find the information they're looking for on a website and have the support they need to secure their purchases.

And to ensure the customer-focused buying journey, you need to develop tactics that optimise the experience throughout the process. Research, personalisation and technology can be allies in making important decisions.

Ways to improve customer experience in the retail sector

We point out below relevant points that should be taken into consideration when developing strategies to structure the customer experience.

Know your customer

It is essential that you understand your customers' behaviour to ensure a good experience. Offering the right products and services, with excellent customer service. For this, accessing consumer data and bringing in common information to create personas based on concrete information helps. Turning data into metrics becomes feasible.

Team commitment

Employees who have access to customer information help to win over the public. This, in turn, also provides more security for the salesperson to do their job.

Personalised customer service

Personalisation for the retail sector is an element that is gaining more and more relevance. Showing the customer that he is special and important to your shop means care. Effective strategies are developed to make this personalisation happen from the first contact, but service and good communication are still elements that stand out in this matter.

Technology investment

There are many ways to invest in technology, from management, to customer service and omni-channel communication.

How to use technology to transform the customer experience

Customer experience is directly associated with the way the operation is managed in the retail sector. This means that efficient internal management impacts on the vision that the public will have of a shop or company.

In this way, technology can enter the operation in different ways. Chatbots, as an AI application, have the ability to dramatically improve the ability of retailers to communicate with customers anywhere and anytime, providing the same 24/7 customer service across multiple channels.

Many retailers are also using AI technology to streamline the checkout process, making it easier for consumers to make in-store purchases, as well as augmented and virtual reality as a way to engage customers with a more personalised shopping experience.

Most companies are also committing to omni-channel communication, connecting all online and offline channels or touchpoints to improve the overall customer experience and enhance their relationship with the company.

Also relying on a complete solution integrated with an ERP, for example, is a way to effectively manage processes and generate data for these technologies.

In this aspect, solutions that automate business processes help in the strategies of shops focused on customers. Since the direction of decisions focused on the consumer experience cannot diminish the company's productivity.

There are several solutions available in the market. When choosing your ally, you must recognize that it meets the main demands of your business. Therefore, opting for complete systems integrated with the main ERPs in the market is the way to have the main tools to start ensuring a satisfactory customer experience.

Know also the advantages that automation brings to your organisation. And understand how technology can assist in the management of your shop, beyond the customer experience.

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