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Energy Management

Maintain energy efficiency in your hotel with consistent reporting and analysis.


Energy Management

Maintain energy efficiency in your hotel with consistent reporting and analysis.

Hotel energy consumption runs high since each guest uses it to power all day. Energy management plays a crucial role in maximizing your hotel’s performance. With Hub OS Energy Management Solution, you can make the right decisions to maintain energy efficiency throughout your hotel.

Hub OS Energy Management Solution allows you to analyze your hotel’s consumption performance, and you can find areas of improvement and track KPIs for future reports. By watching your hotel’s energy efficiency, your hotel will increase its profit gains due to lower energy bills. To keep your hotel always running, you need to keep track of your energy management and find ways to lower consumption and still be able to improve your guest’s experience.

Hub OS Energy Management

Highlights of Energy Management Solution

Record of measurements

Keep a record of all actions performed at the hotel, such as replacing the insulation or the type of lighting.

Out-of-range warnings

Set up warnings for out-of-range consumption, either in energy value (kWh), economical ($), or depending on an indicator (kWh/room occupied).

KPI & forecast

Obtain comparative KPIs of consumption per room/night, total rooms, air-conditioned sqm2, etc.

Get the best version of your hotel operations

Hub OS is the most automated and flexible operating system to maximize your hotel’s performance, from the opening to operations and management. Check out our Hub OS overview brochure to learn more.


Hub OS?

You can create a better guest experience, and efficient environment, and a more successful workplace. As part of the whole Hub OS platform solution, Hub OS Energy Management will help you improve processes by providing the proper techniques and reporting methods to maintain efficient energy use.

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