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Keep your housekeeping department running while promoting the highest standards for your guest's stay.



Keep your housekeeping department running while promoting the highest standards for your guest's stay.

Whether you are a 300-room resort in the Caribbean or a 15-room boutique hotel in New York City, you need hotel housekeeping software that helps you save time, keep your hotel organized, and cut costs from day one. Hub OS Housekeeping Solution helps you effectively run your housekeeping department and keep your hotel guests happy.

With the ability to manage all tasks related to cleaning rooms and common areas, you will see increased productivity through timely communication between housekeeping personnel and front desk staff, all with trusted traceability.

Hub OS Housekeeping

Highlights of Housekeeping Solution

Room & task allocation

Rooms assignment to attendants, according to the type of room, stay-over/checkout, working loads, and attendant ratios.

Minibar & Linen Management

Minibar is posting directly into the PMS guest account and linen management for internal and external laundry.

Productivity improvement

Generation of any type of tasks and room assignments with real-time pop-up notifications to housekeepers and attendants.

Meaningful reports

Powerful BI engine with productivity data per attendant and hotel, based on parameters such as type of room, cleaning time, targets, and opportunities.

Get the best version of your hotel operations

Hub OS is the most automated and flexible operating system to maximize your hotel’s performance, from the opening to operations and management. Check out our Hub OS overview brochure to learn more.


Hub OS?

It expedites housekeeping operations, captures data to improve performance continuously, and helps executive housekeepers manage their teams more efficiently to deliver better guest service and more.

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Eurostars Magnificent Mile Success Story

"Hub OS is an excellent tool that is easy to use, compatible with other hotel tools, and easy to implement. This solution provides flexibility and adjustment to the reality of what we need as a company." - Patricia Cereijo, Area Manager of Eurostars.