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Preventive and corrective maintenance for your hotel operations.



Preventive and corrective maintenance for your hotel operations.

No matter the size of your hotel, you can eventually expect maintenance issues to arise. These issues can cost much more and negatively affect your entire hotel operation and guest experience. With Hub OS Maintenance Solution, hotels can utilize real-time data to ensure you attend to all maintenance issues quickly and efficiently.

Preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance are two of the main issues that need to be in your hotel’s maintenance plan. Preventive maintenance refers to maintaining equipment to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. Corrective maintenance refers to fixing a fault within the company, such as a failed machine, system, or piece of equipment.

With Hub OS Maintenance Solution, communication between team members is crucial for successful business activities within your hotel. Management can quickly assign technicians to different maintenance tasks, create customized calendars of scheduled tasks, and generate automated reports when you complete work and are ready to review.

Hub OS Maintenance

Highlights of Maintenance Solution

Corrective maintenance

Communicating failures between hotel departments (reception, housekeeping, technical department, spa, and others).

Preventive maintenance

Management of customized preventive tasks and inspections. Calendar of scheduled tasks according to country regulations and corporate's criteria.

Business intelligence

Useful reports, preventive indicators, and maintenance books.

Outsourcing companies

Request outsourcing companies' works and analyze their costs and response times.

Get the best version of your hotel operations

Hub OS is the most automated and flexible operating system to maximize your hotel’s performance, from the opening to operations and management. Check out our Hub OS overview brochure to learn more.


Hub OS?

Adopting the right hotel maintenance solution is the key to more completed maintenance tasks throughout the hotel. It allows you to fix any potential issues before they get worse. The maintenance workers can better communicate with the rest of the hotel staff as they fix current problems.

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Eurostars Magnificent Mile Success Story

"Hub OS is an excellent tool that is easy to use, compatible with other hotel tools, and easy to implement. This solution provides flexibility and adjustment to the reality of what we need as a company." - Patricia Cereijo, Area Manager of Eurostars.