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SAP BRIM Success Story in Logistics and Transportation Industry

Grupo Seguridad Integral (GSI) is the leading security group in Mexico. GSI has a wide presence globally, with offices in Brazil, Central America, Miami, China, and Spain. GSI is formed by several security operations such as guards management, Valuable Logistic and Cash Handling, and Payroll service, serving customers from the Financial Services industry, the Public sector, and Large Accounts. The BRIM solution has been implemented for the Money Transportation operations (and the companies that run this operation), not included for other services. COMETRA, their most extensive operation, was the first company to implement the BRIM Solution. Group GSI has other money transport companies rolled out into the BRIM platform.

Before implementing SAP BRIM, they faced the following business goals and challenges:

  • Implement a flexible and scalable platform that covers the end-to-end order-to-cash process to enhance the control of the business.
  • Reduce the risk of errors and data loss due to manual pricing and billing proccesses.
  • Reduce Revenue leakage.
  • Gain process automation.
  • Apply financial control - Enhance receivables and collections capabilities.

Here are some of the main benefits they saw after implementing SAP BRIM:

  • Increased flexibility in rating capabilities and for invoicing requirements.
  • Robust collections, financial management, and native integration to ERP and accounting.
  • Reduced revenue leakage that existed due to manual operations.
  • Enhanced control and visibility of the provided services vs. invoiced services.
  • Enhanced visibility and control of the collections process - Automated dunning process.
  • Intercompany Invoicing, Service Catalog creation and contract management, specific complex rating and invoicing capabilities.

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