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SAP BRIM Success Story in Media Industry

Our customer in the media industry is part of a large US group that is a leading broadband connectivity company and cable operator serving more than 32 million customers in 41 states within the US. They deliver tailored advertising and production for media. They operate in 30+ million households, providing advertising and marketing services utilizing national cable networks, internet advertising, and promotional events.

Before implementing SAP BRIM, they faced the following business goals and challenges:

  • Unify legacy billing systems of 13 regional independent instances.
  • Disaggregate information for invoicing purposes.
  • Speed up monthly closing by unifying the invoices.
  • Consolidate current accounts.
  • Consolidate the invoice printing and distribution processes and increase digital invoice distribution through SAP.

Here are some of the main benefits they saw after implementing SAP BRIM:

  • Enhanced flexibility to define different types of invoicing and complex billing cycles.
  • Improved customer experience and consolidated accounts receivable & statements. Invoice distribution savings.
  • Enhanced process automation, new business models (charge per advertisement viewed), and integrated accounting with corporate books.
  • Consolidated Invoicing/AR.

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