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East Africa Seed Company keeps on growing with SAP Business One

Ever since EASEED was founded over 43 years ago, our main goal has always been to provide Quality Seeds and Services to the African farmers. East Africa Seed is known for its quality Seeds over the years, and with the success, it not only established base offices in East African Countries but also distributors in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, Sudan, DRC Congo & Zambia. From its small beginning, EASEED is now one of the leading vegetable seed companies in Africa.

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EA Seed
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Before: Challenges and Opportunities

There was a lack in consolidating information from the 5 countries we are based in.

Our systems between entities was very different and this led to inaccurate reporting.

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SAP Business is designed to help us in achieving our objectives.

SEIDOR Africa is very responsive and implementation was done quickly.

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After: Value-Driven Results

Field agents can log information on their phones or tablets while instantly which saves us time.

Customer Service has improved by our ability to give stock levels at any time.

Sufficient and timeous decision making is now possible.


13 December 2022

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Pedro Lopes - SEIDOR in Africa
Pedro Lopes
Group Managing Director - SEIDOR in Africa
08 June 2023

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Heinrich De Leeuw - SEIDOR in Africa
Heinrich de Leeuw
Managing Director - SEIDOR South Africa
24 May 2023

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Heinrich De Leeuw - SEIDOR in Africa
Heinrich de Leeuw
Managing Director - SEIDOR South Africa