Success stories

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SAP Business One supports Crown Paints’ current and future needs

"The answer for us was SAP Business One."

Rakesh Rao, CEO, Crown Paints Kenya.

Crown Paints

SAP Business One is the best choice ERP Software for Deluxe Inks

"SAP Business One is fast, accurate and user friendly.”

Mr. Purushothaman, Finance Manager, Deluxe Inks Limited.

Deluxe inks

SAP Business One Allows Explast the ability to grow

"Since SAP Business One it is an automated system we can trace almost everything.”

Representative, Explast Ltd


With SAP Business One ISOBoard is able to track transactions instantly across regions

"SAP Business One allows us to do what we do.”

Mark Russell, Marketing Manager, ISOBoard.


SAP Business One was the right choice for KHS East Africa

"SAP Business One is really what gets me going.”

KHS Filling and Packaging

Laboratory & Allied improves business health with SAP Business One

"SAP Business One is the future of software in Business Management."

Nitya Patel. Business Development Manager. Lab & Allied Ltd

Laboratory & Allied

SAP Business One brings everything together for MTU South Africa

"Not one day was lost due to downtime."

Peter Laubscher, IT Systems and Telecommunication Manager, MTU South Africa

Automating business functions and reporting using SAP Business One HANA

"SAP Business One is a good system with good reporting and controls.”

Mr Stephen Gachugu, IT Head, Outlook Limited.