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To guidance with the cloud migration process with the deployment and transformation of all types of Cloud solutions (VMs, analytics, SAP).

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Desde SEIDOR reforzamos nuestra su apuesta por la sostenibilidad acelerando la llegada a la nube de nuestro clientes de forma sostenible mediante soluciones que miden la huella de carbono de sus servicios y aplicaciones tecnológicas y los valores de un partner que pretende operar 100% con energía libre de carbono para 2030

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15 septembre 2022

SEIDOR acquires Opentrends and strengthens its cloud applications transformation strategy

SEIDOR, a technology services and solutions consultancy, has acquired a majority stake in Opentreds, a digital transformation company specialized in the development of cloud applications and customer experience solutions, thus reinforcing its strategy in this area.

12 décembre 2022

SEIDOR becomes Google Cloud Premier Partner with a focus on sustainable digitisation

SEIDOR, a technology solutions and services consultant, has become Google's Premier Cloud Partner in Spain, a certification it already held in other countries and with which, from now on, it will belong to a select minority of 3% of Google Cloud's best partners.

07 mars 2023

ChatGPT, Google and... Microsoft. Different battle, same actors

For some time now, we have been talking about ChatGPT and the Generative AI - that is, AI built around algorithms capable of creating new content of all kinds thanks to machine learning - that gives rise to it. At the time, almost everyone was amazed by the possibilities exhibited by this sort of toy that, in some way, challenged many of our notions as casual users of technology.

Cara Jose Maria
Jose Maria López
Strategic Marketing Manager en SEIDOR