July 25, 2023

Digitalisation: optimising and automating the sales force

Escucha el audiopost y descubre cómo la digitalización logra optimizar y automatizar la fuerza de ventas

La digitalización: optimizar y automatizar la fuerza de ventas


We are at the cusp of the digital transformation of companies. More and more technological solutions are emerging that promise improved productivity and competitiveness, particularly for SMEs. Yet, there is one that has proven truly effective: SAP Business One. Did you know that it also allows you to optimise and automate your sales force?

SAP Business One is the leading ERP software to boost your sales force. Key features.

ERP solutions are very versatile digital tools that also support sales management. When it comes to SAP Business One, the leading option on the market, this software offers a series of functionalities for your sales department that you should be aware of. We take a closer look at them here.

Process automation

One of the advantages of integrating SAP Business One into SMEs is process automation. We are referring to automatically executing tasks and activities that were previously performed manually. This allows you to optimise your sales department's time, resources and quality of work. Automation also helps to meet all the legal requirements that concern your business on the commercial side, such as managing contacts and clients, as well as avoiding human errors in areas such as generating and monitoring quotes.

These are some of the processes that can be automated with SAP Business One:

  • Sales and client actions
  • Financial and accounts management
  • Sales control and sales forecasting
  • Management of commercial actions
  • Service offerings

Valuable information in real time about the client

Another feature of SAP Business One for your SME's sales force is the valuable information it provides in real time on the client. This is possible thanks to the platform's ability to collect, analyse and use information in a practical way. Plus, since it works in the cloud, it is possible to access your company's information from any device and at any time.
Some of the benefits of having real time valuable information about the client collected by SAP Business One are:

  • Better understanding of their needs, preferences and consumption habits.
  • Segmenting the market and designing customised marketing campaigns.
  • Adjusting prices and offers according to demand.
  • Offer a better after-sale service.


Thanks to SAP Business One it optimised all its processes

The sales cycle under control

A key aspect for SMEs is having the sales cycle under control. In other words, effectively managing all phases and activities from initial contact with the client through to invoicing and collecting payment.

Thanks to the integrated tools of SAP Business One, the following benefits related to the sales cycle are achieved:

  • Improved margins.
  • Fewer errors, especially human errors.
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Accurate measurement of sales performance.
  • Quick and accurate decision-making.

Data analytics

Data analytics is another essential function for SMEs. In particular, for those looking to leverage the value of their data and obtain strategic information to improve business. With SAP Business One, you get complete information analysis in a single integrated platform and from the cloud.

Some of the tasks that the ERP solution simplifies include:

  • Perform advanced searches and queries on, for example, clients or ongoing negotiations.
  • Forecast medium and long-term trends.
  • Conversion of essential data into graphics.
  • Implementation of customised and interactive dashboards.

Collaborative experience between departments

Lastly, let's talk about the cross-departmental collaborative experience. How does SAP Business One help in this regard? It facilitates communication and the exchange of information between the company's teams and areas, from accounting and finance to sales and marketing. This is helped by the fact that it is an integrated platform.

The data provided by SAP Business One to each employee is homogeneous and filtered. This prevents information overload from hindering operations and negatively influencing decisions and reducing team productivity. Homogeneity ensures team cohesion.

Implement SAP Business One in your company with SEIDOR

SAP Business One is the best ERP solution for your business, not just in your sales department. A key aspect to note is that it is highly adaptable software, which integrates seamlessly into all types of business. How will your SME make the most of it?

The only way to unlock the full potential out of an ERP solution of this magnitude is to work with a reliable partner like SEIDOR. We have four decades of experience in the world of SAP. Over all these years, we have helped hundreds of companies to improve their productivity and optimise their processes.

Contact us now and let our experts advise you on how to make your sales force optimisation a reality. Say goodbye to laborious manual work and human error. The time has come for efficiency and profitability!


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