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December 17, 2019

SAP Business One version 10

Since the beginning of December, the long-awaited version 10 of SAP Business One, the ERP for SMEs from the world leader in business management software, has been available.

Having achieved a very powerful functional core throughout the various previous versions, ERP offers in this new version 10 a clear opening towards the long-awaited digital transformation of companies that opt for its implementation.

SAP Integration Hub 2.0

Companies work with established platforms that provide differential value in the sector in which they operate. Web services, CRM systems, logistics, communications are some examples used and until now their integration with ERP raised serious doubts as to their functionality, cost and implementation time.

The new Integration Hub 2.0 significantly expands the power of SAP to these cloud-based services and applications, harmonising different systems using consistent data between them and delivering pre-configured templates with simple mappings, allowing the user to be guided through intuitive interfaces and assistants.

Currently, the services included in the delivered version include the following applications:

  • Shopify. Cloud e-Commerce platform.
  • UPS. Logistics and shipping services provider.
  • Nexmo. SMS service.
  • Fixer. API for daily exchange rates.
  • Magneto. Cloud e-Commerce platform.
  • Salesforce. CRM cloud platform.
  • DHL. Logistics and shipping services provider.
  • Mailchimp. Cloud-based email and marketing platform.
  • SendGrid. Cloud-based email and marketing platform.
  • RFQ. SAP system for order requests to suppliers via e-mail and automatic receipt of their replies within the system.
los servicios que se incluyen en la versión entregada

SAP's commitment to the Integration Hub will be strengthened in successive releases by incorporating new services and third-party applications.

Other new features

Among the wide range of new functionalities and improvements, some of the most important are worth highlighting.

  • Native web client:

Based on the SAP Fiori design that we already find in other manufacturer's products, it provides an advanced user experience with a focus on the sales circuit (orders, activities, customers, articles, etc.) as well as different analytical capabilities.

Compatible with the main browsers on the market, it allows SAP Business One to be used optimally from computers and tablets.

Infografía de la compatibilidad con los principales navegadores del mercado

In order to harmonise all the applications in the ecosystem, the traditional desktop client also receives the new look and feel, bringing a modern look and feel in line with new design trends.

  • SAP HANA Enterprise Edition 2.0.:

From version 10 onwards, SAP Business One only supports SAP HANA Enterprise Edition 2.0. This new version of the HANA in-memory database system enables true multi-tenant database management, keeping the information, configuration and monitoring of the entire system centralised. Tenant databases are, by default, isolated from each other with respect to application data, users, traces and logs. You can backup each tenant database and recover it independently without being affected by each other.

  • Petty Cash:

Tool for the simple generation of POS-style cash transactions.

  • Gantt diagrams:

Interactive Gantt diagrams are introduced into modules such as project management, which allows the planning of tasks and stages in a visual and intuitive way.

  • Integration with Office 365 and OneDrive:

Native integration allows exporting print templates, matrix style screens and reports to Excel and Word. Automatic loading of exports to OneDrive.

SAP Business One version 10 and SAP Business One version 10 for SAP HANA are currently in a restricted access phase, awaiting their final release during the first half of 2020.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One

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