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October 01, 2021

SEIDOR creates its own CSIRT and takes the lead in cyber security

With its own CSIRT, certified with full FIRST membership, SEIDOR will now cover all areas of business, infrastructure, applications and services in order to protect its clients from potential cyber-attacks. SEIDOR CSIRT, with its more than 50 experts, specialises in responding to the cybersecurity of SAP and Microsoft environments.

According to recent UN data, a cyber-attack takes place somewhere in the world every 39 seconds. Indeed, any change in the IT environment can and will be exploited to develop new digital attacks. The Spanish Data Protection Agency counted up to 1370 security breaches in Spain alone last year. The impact of COVID-19 posed a risk for many companies undergoing digital transformation. According to Gartner, 75% of CEOs are responsible for such incidents.

That is why SEIDOR, a global technology consultancy specialising in technology services and solutions, has launched its own CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team). Formed by a certified high-performance team of more than 50 experts, this CSIRT enables organisations to protect themselves internally and to access highly specialised cybersecurity services.

This division is responsible for monitoring, alerting and eliminating threats and vulnerabilities before any attack or security problem occurs in information systems, corporate data or any digital asset, responding quickly and efficiently to incidents and mitigating their impact. It also offers training and awareness-raising services in cybersecurity, strategy definition, governance models, security policies and procedures, corporate reputation management and regulatory compliance.

SEIDOR's CSIRT has been recognised by, is a TF-CSIRT Trusted introducer and by CSIRT.ES, strengthening its global capability in cooperation and coordination of cybersecurity incident prevention.

The company's drive to develop and exceed all the standards and certifications required to create its own CSIRT has been led by Rubén Mora, Global CISO of SEIDOR. In his own words: "Our drive to create our own CSIRT exemplifies SEIDOR's commitment not only to the security of the company and its subsidiaries, but also of our customers and partners, actively participating in global cybersecurity, to which we hope to contribute our know-how and accumulated experience".

Cybersecurity innovation in SAP and Microsoft environments

Due to the high degree of atomisation within the current market (with more than 2 million cybersecurity patents in the last 5 years), and thanks to its complete security portfolio with its own CSIRT, SEIDOR will now be able to cover all areas of business, infrastructure, applications and services in order to protect companies from potential cyber-attacks. It also has its own solutions specifically designed to provide cybersecurity services in SAP and Microsoft technological environments.

In addition to the serious consequences for a company's development, any type of cyber-attack implies a serious reduction in productivity. For Rubén Mora, "the creation of a CSIRT responds to the demands of the sector itself: we have seen how spending on cybersecurity is growing at an annual rate of between 12% and 15%, and the average cost of a cyber-attack for any company is more than 150,000 euros."

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