Reporting and Analytics tools in SAP Business One

09 April 2024

Reporting and Analytics tools in SAP Business One

Finally, your business can get the answers to the questions key stakeholders are asking – and in real-time. With SAP Business One, you can instantly analyse what’s going on at any period of time via interactive reports and dashboards.

This integrated solution not only brings all your departments together in a single system but also empowers users with powerful reporting functionality that always provides a single source of truth on company KPIs.

Now you can get faster business insight into what matters most to you and stop time-consuming data extracts from multiple systems to generate key managerial or monthly reports.

SAP Business One contains the SAP Crystal Reports functionality package as standard. This delivers a comprehensive reporting functionality suite that provides organisations with fast and accurate insight to unlock valuable business insights.

Reports that used to take hours or days to complete are now generated at the click of a button. No matter how much data your business accumulates, SAP Business One can help you run faster.

Report creation & customisation

The solution has a series of pre-built reports as standard to help users correlate data into various charts, graphs or dashboards. These reports can all be drilled-down to provide granular information based on the data stored within SAP Business One.

User Defined Fields can easily be added to reports to provide any specific details and to meet company requirements. Users can conveniently navigate between powerful cross-tabs for fast and in-depth financial reporting.

There’s also a host of ‘what-if’ scenarios that the system provides to provide SMEs with a range of forecasts to help plan and make smarter business decisions.

Distribution & report management

SAP Business One helps you to bring your data to life. A host of powerful visualisations and interactive reports provide critical stakeholders with up-to-date details on company-wide access.

Reports can be viewed and exported in a range of different file types. These include PDFs via Microsoft Word, Excel, RTF or XML. Data can also be shared online or via email.

Users can also enable on-report sorting, filtering and reformatting of reports without having to add new queries to their database. They can also explore transactional details without impacting security levels.

Publishing & report access

SAP Business One users can access reports within the system at any time. Access rights can be granted for specific users or at the group level for staff, depending on job role or authorisation.

All reports can also be securely shared online with colleagues who may not have access to SAP. Reports can also easily be shared via fax, electronic file transport or printed out if hard copies are required.

Bring your data to life

Understand your data better using the reporting and analytic features in SAP Business One. Get in touch to arrange a demo today with one of our product experts to see how our SAP Business One solution can help you simplify your data. If you'd like to speak to one of our team, please send us an email.


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