A complete, intelligent ERP system featuring emerging technologies and the latest SAP innovation. Enable your team to make smarter decisions faster and deliver best practices across your organisation.



A complete, intelligent ERP system featuring emerging technologies and the latest SAP innovation. Enable your team to make smarter decisions faster and deliver best practices across your organisation.

Run this powerful ERP on your own infrastructure. Store and manage your entire system locally and have the ability to customise, modify and extend your solution with licenses sold perpetually.

Manage everything internally
SAP S/4 HANA Checkboard
SAP S/4 HANA Checkboard 2

Migrate to a public cloud environment and roll-out best practice scenarios for all of your teams. Use this SaaS model to quickly scale up your solution and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of SAP cloud hosting.

Public Cloud
Cost-Effective S/4 Hosting

Create your own hosting environment to store and manage your data and run your S/4 HANA solution. Delivered on a SaaS basis with companies having complete ownership over their enterprise cloud environment.

Private Cloud
Your Own Environment

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These are our main solutions for simplifying your intelligent enterprise journey

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SAP Business One Accounts & Financials


Transform the capabilities of your finance teams. Refine and optimise key financial tasks and gain end-to-end analytics for real-time evaluation. Unify transactions, planning and reporting with streamlined, intelligent automated financial tools for greater throughput.

Cloud Pricing

Asset Management

Plan, schedule and execute asset maintenance activities within S/4 HANA. Integrate and automate key processes to make sure key operations or activities are always scheduled and completed.

Cloud Flexibility


Support complex assembly processes and enable seamless manufacturing engineering. Run intelligent production workflows from design to operations with a live MRP engine providing the flexibility to respond to demand and material availability.

Cloud Uptime

R&D & Engineering

Turn ideas and innovations into reality with S/4 HANA. Accelerate your R&D activities with powerful project lifecycle management tools. Use financial and logistical controls to run effective, on-budget projects to drive new projects in this next-gen system.

Cloud Recovery


Intelligently manage sales activities to stay ahead of your competition. Deliver better customer experiences to close more deals with tools for pre-sales, sales and service order management and customer engagements. Control everything in a single system to streamline and simplify sales.

Cloud geo locations


Deliver exceptional, personalised level of customer service with holistic analytics and integrated service management tools. Improve levels of customer retention with company wide visibility across operations to track, visualise, analyse and interact with your data.

Cloud Scalability

Sourcing & Procurement

Enable value-driven compliant and scalable procurement with S/4 HANA. Used a centralised purchasing solution with embedded machine learning tools to predict consumption and improve negotiations with key suppliers.

Cloud Security

Supply Chain

Reduce uncertainties in your supply chain with an agile, connected and intelligent platform. Live inventory management, real-time warehouse insight, and a single harmonised MRP systems helps to unlock competitive advantage over your rivals and to maintain operational excellence.


07 January 2022

ERP comparison for SMEs: The top 3 options

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SEIDOR in Africa
27 April 2021

How to ensure a successful ERP implementation

“ERP software has improved dramatically in recent years,” says Lyall O’Carroll, Technical Account Manager, SEIDOR. “It is no longer an enormous expense, nor does it take an age to implement. ERP has also become much easier to use.”

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Lyall O'Carroll
Technical Account Manager - SEIDOR South Africa
15 December 2020

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Terrence Chowles - SEIDOR in Africa
Terrence Chowles
Project Director - SEIDOR Cloud in Africa

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