With more than 30 years, 57 establishments in the Iberian Peninsula - 12 in Portugal - and a workforce of more than 2300 people in the Iberian Peninsula, Conforama Ibérica has in recent years been immersed in a process of growth and expansion supported by digitalisation and the development of a new communication strategy.


"Projects such as the launch of its marketplace, the Loyalty Club and the opening of its first proximity shop are key examples of this evolution as a company."

Marta Gil
CMO & ecommerce diretor

New marketplace

The project enabled the launch of their marketplace to "ensure everyone has the home they want, at the price they can afford, by offering them products for every room in their home throughout their life". It represents ~12% of the brand's total online sales, but they expect it to represent 30% in a few years.

Online sales

To achieve the correct integration of their digital sales channels, they relied on SEIDOR to adapt the necessary processes to this new model and implemented a SaaS platform - Mirakl - specialised in marketplaces.

Attracting sellers

Many brands and retailers are interested in publishing their offer on the Conforama marketplace. Currently, 90% are national sellers, but they are working on the international market to further expand the catalogue. With their digital bases well established, they face the future with ambition, enthusiasm and responsibility.

What's netx?

In the short term, they are considering renewing their entire technology stack; in the medium term, the big challenge is "being able to take this digital transformation to the point of sale to achieve a profitable omnichannel experience". The goal is to continue evolving the marketplace and launching business lines and products.

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