We're building the future of the construction sector through technology



We're building the future of the construction sector through technology

Expand your business with confidence by relying on software designed for your industry.

Large-scale construction projects are complex and risky. An integrated platform supporting the full construction lifecycle helps your firm manage projects, avoid risk, and stay competitive. Expand your business with confidence by relying on software designed for the engineering, construction, and operations (EC&O) industry. Large-scale construction projects are complex and risky.

Get the support you need to better manage your projects, equipment, workforce, and financial operations – and make more informed decisions quickly with access to real-time information.

Our solutions cover everything from job costing and bidding to project management and HR. Use the latest technologies to improve efficiencies, reduce risk, and run ‘smart projects’ that maximize margins. With Seidor Clarity, Business Analytics for your engineering, construction, and operations industry is made simple. View all your reports on a single dashboard customized to your specific needs. Ensure you have the right information when you need it, where ever you might find yourself. Mobile-ready, flexible, and at low risk.

With our SAP ERP solutions, engineering, construction, and operations companies can lay the foundation for operational excellence through maximized project profitability, reduced risk, and automatic schedule-driven processes. Plus, they can optimize project management from the office to the worksite with 5D+ dashboards, user-driven enterprise mobility, performance analytics, and cloud solutions. In the cloud or on-premise, Seidor Africa can make it happen.

Challenges of the sector


Greater complexity of projects using a workforce with less experience

SEIDOR products

Adoption of BIM methodologies


Increase the Productivity of the Workforce



Nuevas Tecnologías

Integration and Collaboration with subcontractors


Augmented Reality and New Tech for new customer experiences


Industrialisation of construction


Our specialised solutions for construction


Tender management

Project Management

Project Planning


Real-time tracking

Drag and drop

Tender management and financial monitoring

Management of potential clients and projects
Control of submitted tenders and status
Import of BC3 Bid Management file: classifications
Control of study, bid and clearance costs

Management of awarded projects

Structure creation with models by type
Option of managing direct execution
Resource management

Detailed project planning

Temporary distribution
Re-planning and Versions Management
Management of additional budgets

Monthly advances, production and certification

Monthly report on the basis of Execution, Production and Certification with Accounting and Analytical Integration
Summary of certification with Sales integration
Contracting or manufacturing processes
Workforce or machinery components

Closing processes and results from the period in real time

Recognition of production and certification, as well as their reflection in accounting and analytics
Cost forecasts
Stockpile management on worksites
Rate revaluation
Cost allocations


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