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Through technology, we create opportunities for construction and real estate development.



Through technology, we create opportunities for construction and real estate development.

The Real Estate industry is navigating a phase of heightened intricacy in projects and processes, demanding more robust monitoring and control mechanisms.

This strategic approach ensures the viability of promotions from inception, mitigating risks that could otherwise jeopardize business continuity.

SEIDOR brings technology to professionals so that they can focus on tasks that add the most value, ensuring comprehensive management of the real estate project that connects all areas of the company affected, from the preliminary investigation to the launch of the project, till its execution, as well as managing all sales and / or rentals of available properties as well as ensuring control and monitoring of the online real estate project, both of which are critical elements for the present and future.

Industry Challenges


Greater complexity of projects with a less experienced workforce


Increase workforce productivity


Integration and collaboration of subcontractors


Promotion industrialization




Augmented reality and new tech for better customer experience

Gestión de cambios

Adoption of BIM Methodology





Sales and rentals

After sales

Drag and drop

Real estate projects

Development and management of various types of properties, as well as availability control
Property creation with a high economic value.
Look for properties based on a variety of criteria.
Obtaining access to the properties file.


Management of key handovers, including incident reporting and real estate sales.
Sales monitoring and control of the status of the properties with management.
Integration of finance and commerce.
Delivery planning management.
Property revision management.
Incidents of defect management

Property management

Management of the project portfolio via study sheets to determine viability.
Simple study management via configurable tabs.
Temporal and economic analysis, approval process, and conversion into firm projects are all part of the process.
Integration into the commercial process.

Sales and rentals of property

The ability to customize the properties based on the needs of the client.
Client-selected features are introduced and managed.
Management and implementation of policy changes
Clients' deadlines for selecting options and changes are under control.
Control and monitoring of each property's customizations.
Printing planned budget.

After sales management

Property incident management after the sale.
Management of post-sale incidents, including an incident entry monitor.
For industrialists, trade management and printing are important parts of their jobs.
Customer satisfaction survey


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