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SAP Business ByDesign

Run your entire business with this intelligent ERP suite. Connect and integrate key functions across your business with a host of pre-built scenarios streamlining operation and real-time analytics powering strategic decision making.


SAP Business ByDesign

Run your entire business with this intelligent ERP suite. Connect and integrate key functions across your business with a host of pre-built scenarios streamlining operation and real-time analytics powering strategic decision making.

SAP Business ByDesign includes a host of built-in processes to help make your business more efficient and productive. There's intelligent tools to manage key finance, sales & CRM, HR, project management, procurement and inventory processes.

End-To-End ERP
Unite Your Growing Business
SAP Business ByDesign
SAP Business ByDesign

Quickly add new functionality or users, depending on your business requirements. Start with 20 users and scale up to 10,000 without constraints. Because BYD is a cloud-first system, there's minimal training required in this user-friendly application.

Grow your ERP alongside your business

SAP Business ByDesign is SaaS solution. This means there's no hidden costs for your business. You simply pay for what you consume allowing you to easily plan and forecast your IT budget. Key solution updates are also included within your monthly costs.

Predictable monthly costs
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Did you know you can start using SAP BYD in as little as 12 weeks? Deployment of SAP Business ByDesign is largely done remotely to reduce implementation costs. Use Seidor's team of BYD experts to get your system deployed and users trained as efficiently as possible.

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SAP Business ByDesign Intro Pack

Find out everything there is to know about one of SAP's fastest growing ERP solutions. Download our exclusive SAP Business ByDesign Intro Pack today. Including the official SAP BYD solution guide, SEIDOR & SAP BYD ebook, Customer Testimonial booklet, and SAP Business ByDesign Intelligent Enterprise Infographic.


SAP Business One Accounts & Financials


SAP Business ByDesign helps users to track payables and receivables, payments and liquidity, inventory and fixed assets, taxes and expenses. Streamline period-end closing dates and make better decisions with powerful reporting features. There's also tools to help adhere to financial regulations and compliance standards.

Cloud Pricing


A powerful, yet simple, way to manage your customers. ByDesign has a comprehensive suite of best-CRM-practices to build and maintain stronger relationships. The solution includes tools to manage the complete sales lifecycle - starting off with marketing campaigns to prospects through to managing service calls from customers.

Cloud Uptime

Project Management

Use real-time project collaboration and monitoring tools to efficiently manage tasks and key milestones. With information stored centrally, improve the accuracy of key PM-related data and billing to streamline operations and invoice faster with full transparency into operations.

Cloud Flexibility


Integrate key supplier information into a single platform to help improve supplier relationships and to negotiate better deals. Self-service tools prevent hold-ups in your supply chain with key processes automated and triggered by stakeholder authorisations. Key real-time reports help you to monitor cash-flow levels.

Cloud Recovery

Supply Chain

Quickly adapt to ever-changing market conditions and supply-chain challenges with ByDesign. Avoid bottlenecks with accurate insight into inventory levels and automatically trigger procurement processes to streamline operations. Powerfully control materials and inventory to manage any production activities.

Cloud Scalability

Human Resources

Manage core HR functions in the cloud with BYD. Deliver more efficient and effective operations across your entire organisation. Integrate tools for organisational management and attendance records to store and access up-to-date records on your employees. Payroll, onboarding and HR self-service tools are also available.


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