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March 18, 2022

Supply Chain Management in Commercial Cleaning

Strong demand and product shortages in cleaning supplies due to COVID-19 have uncovered a need to address supply chain management in commercial cleaning through better technology.

Addressing supply chain management for commercial cleaning has become critical because of the challenges surrounding COVID-19. Strong demand for cleaning products and enhanced cleaning services pushes commercial cleaning services to examine how they can streamline their supply chain processes through today’s technology.

ManageClean on SAP Business One software uses best purchasing process practices and warehouse management practices for a comprehensive supply chain solution for commercial cleaning companies and janitorial services. It can also integrate supplies purchase data from cleaning supplies distributors, so your staff cannot rely on manual data entry.

Exploring the Purchasing Process in ManageClean

ManageClean functionality covers the entire purchasing process from order creation over goods receipt to invoice payment, including item returns: the system stores item and vendor master data. The built-in warehouse management process and material requirements support strong inventory capabilities.

Item and Vendor Master Data

Item and vendor master records are maintained centrally in the system and seamlessly integrated into all necessary business transactions. This item master data contains all the information needed for an efficient purchasing process on the items you buy and sell - such as item number, description, purchasing and packaging units of measure, dimensions, weight, prices, and tax types.

Supplies vendors are stored with all relevant contact information. Payment details are administered with terms and payment methods to allow accurate, on-time payment of your vendor invoices. As you are challenged to find new vendors for items, you can easily add further vendor information and identify their associated objects.

Warehouse Management Process

The sophisticated warehouse and inventory management tools in the ManageClean solution allow you to manage your warehouse(s) by tracking inbound and outbound shipments and inter-warehouse stock movements.

Have complete visibility into current inventory stock levels and perform instant availability checks and physical and cycle counting. Multiple units of measure and factors can be used when managing purchased goods units to streamline picking, packing, and final delivery.

Of course, the solution has integrated accounting functionality, so you can be assured that your warehouse management and your financial accounting data are consistently synchronized. Changes to the item cost and product prices are immediately and automatically considered, and the inventory value is recalculated based on the assigned valuation model.

Integrating Purchase Data from Cleaning Supplies Distributors

Most cleaning supplies vendors offer online shopping to commercial cleaning services to expedite the purchasing of supplies. ManageClean helps you take advantage of the files that these vendors create to automate the invoicing of supplies and the payment to the supplies vendor, so your staff doesn’t have to enter it -- saving time and reducing errors manually.

How ManageClean Automates Supplies Purchases from Vendors

  1. As cleaning supply purchases are made through the distributor’s online shopping portal, your supplies vendor compiles a report of the date of purchase, the items, and the end customer for the supplies. Typically they provide these reports in a flat-file format.
  2. In ManageClean, you can easily map the fields from the vendor’s report to the appropriate fields in our software. When purchasing staff triggers the import procedure, the data is brought into ManageClean. You could also cut and paste the purchases data from Excel. ManageClean checks the customer contract to validate whether the customer is under a prepaid or chargeback scenario for supplies.
    • If chargeback, ManageClean prepares a sales order and invoice to bill those supplies directly as used to the customer.
    • If prepaid, ManageClean knows that the price paid for services includes the cost of supplies, and no additional customer billing is needed.
  3. In either case, ManageClean prepares a purchase order for the supplies so you can pay your vendor.

When your commercial cleaning company manages large numbers of supplies purchases across hundreds of customers and facilities – automate the purchasing and billing of cleaning supplies with ManageClean’s integration and import process.

Discover how ManageClean on SAP Business One will enable your business to optimize and streamline your entire supply chain management process.

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ManageClean on SAP Business One

ManageClean on SAP Business One

ManageClean on SAP Business One is a cloud-based business management software for small/midsize commercial cleaning, janitorial services, and building service companies.

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What ManageClean includes

ManageClean software bundles the functionality of SAP Business One along with specialized features built specifically for commercial cleaning and janitorial service companies.


Who ManageClean is designed for

Executives at commercial cleaning companies automate their business with ManageClean on SAP Business One.

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