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February 01, 2022

Commercial Cleaning Companies Outgrowing QuickBooks

Today’s business owners at commercial cleaning and janitorial services firms may be reluctant to make a software change, but operating on inefficient systems can cost valuable time and money. When should you move from QuickBooks to more advanced technology?

What are the signs that you need new commercial cleaning business software?

  • Need to accommodate business growth
  • Need for tighter accounting
  • Need for more users
  • Need to eliminate errors
  • Need an integrated solution

Why would a commercial cleaning company want ManageClean?

ManageClean helps commercial cleaning professionals streamline their back-office processes and procedures to focus on what they're good at - managing a cleaning business. It is a significant next step in technology for companies currently running QuickBooks.

ManageClean on SAP Business One is a business management software for small/midsize Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Services, and Building Service companies. This software solution leverages the power of SAP Business One in the cloud. SAP Business One is a single, integrated software solution that delivers what you need to manage your key business areas, including accounting and finance, sales and customer management, purchasing and operations, supplies and distribution, reporting, and more.

The ManageClean system on SAP Business One improves cleaning contract management, streamlines subcontractor invoicing procedures, and provides visibility into your profitability. Integrate ManageClean to work order solutions or cleaning supplies vendors to maximize automation.

How do we make it easy for customers coming off QuickBooks and starting up ManageClean?

ManageClean starts with a preconfigured database for fast implementation and roll-out. Easy templates for customer information, service expenses, inventory, vendors, and any other providers are the basis for how to load data into the system. Our guided implementation includes videos and self-paced eLearning on standard operating processes such as navigation, menus, and how-to for all aspects of system operation. We offer in-person train-the-trainer or instructor-led sessions at customer locations if required. You’ll get a sandbox environment where you can practice business transactions before go-live.

What does ManageClean cost?

ManageClean is a cloud subscription model covering software and cloud access. A modest one-time upfront fee covers standard implementation. The total ownership cost is minimal because you don’t need to invest in hardware infrastructure or experienced IT experts to manage and supporting the solution. Accessing ManageClean on SAP Business One cloud makes costs affordable, easy to understand, transparent, and predictable. Payment terms are based on the number of users and the length of your contract, starting at 12 months.

With ManageClean on SAP Business One for commercial cleaning, you can take the next step after QuickBooks for your business.

Learn more about ManageClean on SAP Business One

ManageClean on SAP Business One

ManageClean on SAP Business One

ManageClean on SAP Business One is a cloud-based business management software for small/midsize commercial cleaning, janitorial services, and building service companies.

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What ManageClean includes

ManageClean software bundles the functionality of SAP Business One along with specialized features built specifically for commercial cleaning and janitorial service companies.


Who ManageClean is designed for

Executives at commercial cleaning companies automate their business with ManageClean on SAP Business One.

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