Who ManageClean is designed for

ManageClean is a cloud-based janitorial software for growing commercial cleaning businesses.

Executives at commercial cleaning companies automate their business with ManageClean on SAP Business One. If your company establishes the contract and invoices the end customer, ManageClean is suitable for you.

An accounting-only software may be fine when your business stays the same. But, if your business is growing and your accounting team is struggling with excessive administration for invoicing, it becomes difficult to know which of your commercial cleaning customers are profitable or not. These are the signs that your commercial cleaning company needs more robust business software.

Interstate Contract Cleaning Services

"Since going live on the software, our annual new client count has increased, and revenues are up 60% due in part to the solution's efficiency, without the need to hire any additional administrative or accounting staff to handle the increased volume."

Dave Seymour, CFO

SEIDOR developed the process and configured the software to apply sales orders to quickly track and invoice customers for the proper square footage cleaned each month. Managing the billing of the contractors that perform the cleaning services through ICCS was also applied to the system, so vendors receive correct payment. All tracking and billing of supplies ensure automation and accuracy.

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