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January 01, 2022

Digital Document Signatures within SAP Processes

Amid the pandemic, technology helps make remote working possible for many companies. Teams and organizations need to quickly adapt their processes to go even more digital and find alternative solutions to make the most out of their investments.

Benefits for remote teams

Building an innovative organization should include remote work, which may become the new normal. However, this unexpected remote work adoption comes with challenges that need to change if we want to make the most of this new reality. A joint report by Buffer and Angellist surveyed over 3,500 remote workers. They found that the top benefit of remote work is flexibility, and the most significant struggles are collaboration, communication, and loneliness.

Anyone who collaborates remotely has probably used documents shared over the internet. Communicating with colleagues, prospects, and customers is crucial, so remote services such as are in high demand.

This software helps you sign deals, and you can share documents with no dependency on where we are, using i. e. emails and remote signatures. However, for legal security reasons, using a Trust Service Provider for digitally signed agreements is the best way to protect our companies.

Facilitating document approvals with digital signatures

As part of their digital transformation, many companies from different industries running SAP have turned to e-signatures to facilitate document approvals like contracts, delivery notes, and service documents, among others. Signatures can be triggered from SAP, and fully executed documents linked within the application for fast access and a complete audit trail.

Why smart businesses are turning to digital signatures

  • Agility: The remote signature allows organizations to automate a secure evidence collection system for the online signature process while guaranteeing full security thanks to the double validation via email and OTP (One Time Password), which the customers receive on their chosen device.
  • Adapted to the employees and the final client: The signature process gets simplified for the group’s employees by integrating it into their usual work process. For the last customer, the signing process turns into simply carrying out a few clicks on their chosen device (PC, tablet, or smartphone).
  • Effectiveness: You don’t have to interrupt processes requiring a handwritten signature.

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