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November 02, 2022

Manage Businesses Better with an ERP

Regardless of your business size, it can often feel like you have a never-ending to-do list. That to-do list means you’re constantly switching focus and need to become skilled in many areas to ensure everything runs efficiently.

There are invoices to send, debtors to pay, schedules to organize, employees to keep engaged, stock to manage, and much, much more to do.

On top of that, Covid created a whole new set of challenges. Employees re-evaluated what they wanted from their working lives, some now preferred to work remotely full time, while others chose to switch to a hybrid approach, and some realized they were in the wrong industry for them.

Businesses then had to re-evaluate what they were doing and if their working environment was compatible with what employees wanted from the modern workplace.

Covid also came with more complex logistical challenges, as stock became harder to get hold of, employees needed to maintain social distancing, and remote communication became the norm.

Technology is the perfect solution to many of these problems. It makes it easier for employees to communicate, tackle to-do lists, keep track of stock, and manage finances.

But suppose you have individual programs for each task. In that case, it can become just as slow as doing things manually, especially on older or less efficient machines, which may take time to switch between programs or slow down when you have too many apps open.

When you manage everything in one program, everything becomes more efficient. It saves time you or your employees have spent on manual data entry, reduces human error, and streamlines daily tasks. What used to take hours can be done in minutes, if not seconds.

Automating some of the more tedious tasks creates a better employee experience and gives them more time to spend on what’s essential for them to succeed in their role—and for the business to grow, too.

SEIDOR has a unique collection of programs to help businesses of all shapes and sizes manage their day-to-day and long-term activity. Whether you need something on-premises, cloud-based, or hybrid, we have something that can work for you.

Our market-leading ERP software helps businesses with finances, sales, inventory and production management, CRM, HR, and more.

Streamlined small businesses

The more tasks a small business automates early on, the more time they get back to spending on tasks that can’t be done by software.

Automating essential tasks also simplifies operations, improving productivity, keeping everything running more efficiently, and increasing profits.

It also gives them more time to prevent minor issues from turning into large ones, reducing employee stress levels, potentially saving money, and improving customer experience.

All this adds up to small businesses avoiding common problems many young companies face so they can grow faster.

Managing medium-sized businesses

As a business grows, it needs to find more efficient ways of running to ensure it stays productive and keeps up with the growing needs of its customers and workforce.

When everything is managed in one place, from finance to sales and CRM, to HR, project management, procurement and inventory, and intelligent business tools and real-time analytics, it’s easier to make strategic decisions that help businesses scale even faster.

The more the workforce grows, the bigger the challenge managing it creates. Analytics means you still know what’s happening, even if one department is in a different time zone.

Navigating large businesses

Large businesses can often run slowly, with many chains of command involved in what can be simple decisions.

The software enables managers and departments to communicate more efficiently, even in a global, remote, or hybrid business.

They can also track what’s happening in real-time, giving everyone more data to assist decision-making. More data means a more informed—and potentially more effective—decision that reacts faster to industry trends.

The sooner managers make decisions, the sooner the company can stand out against competitors, helping future-proof the business and avoid the pitfalls its competitors face.

How can we help?

The software can improve the management of almost every department in a business, regardless of size.

It can give managers a more in-depth view of what’s happening in real-time, meaning they can make more informed, data-orientated decisions that benefit the business in the short and long term.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of an all-in-one ERP software for your business, find out more about our ERP solutions today.

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