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Quote-To-Cash Solution

Improve your company's revenue management with flexibility, automation, and transparency for recurring and consumption-based billing products.



The transformation of the Quote-to-Cash process enables the creation of a framework for adherence to current and future needs. Consequently, it can result in a standardization of processes and flexibility so that your company has no loss in revenue and no limitations in its strategies.

Features with the capacity to register customers and all commercial agreements and conditions. Centralization of all registration and sales documents, consolidating orders and contracts, and consolidating all information related to your customers.

Customer Management
SAP BRIM customer management
SAP BRIM pricing

Ability to create new offerings and products with recurring and usage-based billing, enabling cost and risk reduction in the calculation process for new business models.

Flexible Pricing

Capable of performing the billing process for large volumes and with flexibility for invoice convergence. In addition, you enable automation of revenue sharing for your partners based on billed items.

Convergent Billing
SAP BRIM billing
SAP BRIM financial management

Solutions that make it possible to carry out the entire collection process for large volumes and complexities, allowing the customization of the whole financial and accounting process.

Full Financial Management

SEIDOR's expertise in Q2C solutions

SEIDOR has the largest team of SAP BRIM consultants in Latin America and is a reference in the market; In-house consultants with great experience in the solutions and specialized in the best market practices; Customized pre-sales process for the best understanding of the client's needs and capacity to demonstrate the solutions.


Full Billing

Full Billing

Implementation of complete solutions for the realization of the Q2C process.

Customized solutions

Customized Solutions

Understanding the need for modular implementation for specific requirements.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Modules for billing recurring contracts or that need customized calculation rules.

Financial Solutions

Financial Solutions

Implementation of solutions to solve any financial need used for the most diverse segments.

Check out our SAP BRIM Success Stories

SAP BRIM Success Story in Insurance Industry

Elseco is a leading high-technology insurance underwriting agency based in Dubai, London, Paris, and Washington. It advocates the specialized insurance industry in customers where technical knowledge about their business is critical and cannot be covered by the usual insurance products.

SAP BRIM Success Story in Media Industry

Our customer in the media industry is part of a large US group that is a leading broadband connectivity company and cable operator serving more than 32 million customers in 41 states within the US. They deliver tailored advertising and production for media. They operate in 30+ million households, providing advertising and marketing services utilizing national cable networks, internet advertising, and promotional events.

SAP BRIM Success Story in Logistics and Transportation Industry

Grupo Seguridad Integral (GSI) is the leading security group in Mexico. GSI has a wide presence globally, with offices in Brazil, Central America, Miami, China, and Spain. GSI is formed by several security operations such as guards management, Valuable Logistic and Cash Handling, and Payroll service, serving customers from the Financial Services industry, the Public sector, and Large Accounts.