3 “T’s” of an Implementation | SEIDOR

04 de fevereiro de 2022

3 “T’s” of an Implementation

Change is inevitable. Sometimes it is even encouraged.
But it is how we manage and guide the change that truly makes the difference.

A fresh implementation of an ERP system or software is the very definition of change management. Although change can be scary, it can be hugely beneficial when managed correctly.

There should be a constant focus on the overall outcome, periodically aligning the project activities with the strategic objectives of the entity.

The 3 “T’s” are as follows:

  1. TEAM
    The Partner and the Customer are a TEAM.

    Implementations can be challenging and can often affect the emotional, mental health and wellbeing of those involved.
    It is imperative that the project members work together to resolve matters as they arise.
    When customers and partners start blaming each other, the software, the process, or other factors, that is when the project output and desired result is negatively affected.
  1. TOOL

The ERP is a TOOL for the business, the business is not the tool for the ERP.

Customers have high expectations, especially when it comes to ERP implementations (understandably so, as it can be a substantial investment of budget, time, and resources), and often believe that the ERP will magically solve the challenges within the business.

The ERP is there to enhance the business, therefore it is critical that time and effort are spent in the primary stages of Blueprinting, Project Scoping and Requirement Analysis, so that the tool can be built on the most optimal business process and every requirement is clearly defined and well understood.

  1. TRUST
    Trust the process, make it count!

    A new ERP is a fresh start… A new beginning…
    Take this opportunity to redefine, enhance, and evolve the business.
    Invest your time, energy, and resources from the Kick-Off Meeting all the way to the Project Closing.

    It will be worth the effort.