10 beneficios que una solución de gestión empresarial aporta a la empresa

January 31, 2022

10 benefits that a business management solution provides to the company

Business management is easier if you use a specific solution. Would you like to know how? We explain it to you in more detail here.

The 10 benefits of business management solutions

10 beneficios

Business management solutions can be of various types. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) usually works with modules that are activated on an ad hoc basis and may or may not include functionalities such as customer relationship management (CRM). The benefits we list are therefore general:

1. Real-time flow calculation

The calculation of flows is one of the key aspects, because it allows us to know what the inputs and outputs are at any given moment. This extends to raw materials, but also to goods, shipments or money. ERP allows you to carry out this calculation in real time.

Specific solutions ensure such connectivity. The result is that, if you have to make a change, it won't come as a surprise because you will have the data.

2. Stock control

ERPs allow for comprehensive stock control, because they provide for the possibility of automatically checking warehouse stocks. However, the condition to be fulfilled is that appropriate updates are carried out and that specific functionality is available.

Stock-outs are one of the most feared scenarios for company managers. If you want to avoid this problem, this tool will make it much easier for you to do so.

3. Traceability of inputs and outputs

Traceability is another benefit of using management solutions. It is possible to know when an input has been entered or a movement has taken place. This is very useful to avoid mistakes, to minimise them and, where appropriate, to identify responsibilities.

The control of movements is one of the advantages of the software. And it is undoubtedly very useful for improving business performance ratios.

4. Possibility of planning

Posibilidad planificar

Planning is one of the basic elements in any business activity today. Well, with this resource it is possible to do so, which will result in better use of resources and improved productivity.

Any company needs to be aware of trends and planning options. It is only by planning correctly that it is possible to optimise costs, whether in terms of raw materials, goods or labour.

5. Reducing the margin of human error

Manual or dispersed management implies a greater possibility of human error. As a rule of thumb, the easier and faster it is to manage data, the better. There is accuracy and, what is more, the options for dispersion are reduced.

This is what you can achieve with a business management solution. In the end, what is measurable is not a matter of opinion.

6. Improving internal communication

Internal communication is one of the vital issues to improve ratios and minimise errors. ERP facilitates this possibility because, by providing centralised information, you only have to log in using a password. As a result, information flows and orders will be smoother.

When internal communication is better, so is decision-making. This will provide you with the improvements you need to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

7. Facilitating comprehensive action

Acción integral

ERP has several modules that can be activated according to the needs or structure of the company. A factory is not the same as a distributor or a retail company. However, what is common is that you can control the main areas of your company easily and comprehensively.

This issue is important in all companies, but it takes on a special value in SMEs. For a reduced cost, you can perform comprehensive actions in less time.

8. Improving security

Security is an essential aspect of any business manager and, with this type of solution, it is increased in two ways.

First of all, it is important to note that centralised servers have stronger security features than when working with several dispersed modules. In the latter case, the chances of valuable information being 'lost' are multiplied.

Moreover, access to the software is only granted to authorised persons. And it is easy to know if there is any unauthorised entry or attack. This exponentially reduces the chances of being a victim of phishing.

9. Use through multiple devices

The ability to access information from multiple devices is another advantage of using a manager.

For example, in the case of a logistics worker, a delivery driver could send information to the manager by logging in with his or her password from a mobile phone or tablet. A manager or owner can consult their stock even if they are remotely located. And workers can carry out actions with the machinery by consulting the software. If we add to this the growth of the Internet of Things, which is reaching machinery, we can see that there are multiple possibilities.

Most business management software allows connection and input from multiple devices. However, connectivity with machines will depend on their availability.

10. Possibility of automatic changes

Having automatic changes is one of the advantages of using a business manager. The reason? You will not have to duplicate actions and this saves time and, in the long run, money.

Imagine you are making an accounting entry; this information will then be automatically passed on to the other activated ERP modules. The result is that, you will perform more functions in less time. Automation is one of the most important values of this kind of solution.

This has been one of the most important issues that make a difference. The widespread use of ERP is related to this.


Business management software generates value, reduces costs and helps to increase profits. Today you don't have to give up on being more competitive. Looking for a specific solution for your SME? On this website you have several options to include them, so we encourage you to check them out.

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