El mejor software para empresas del sector retail

May 05, 2022

The best software for companies in the retail sector

Software for the retail sector is the set of management applications developed for SMEs or large companies dedicated to the retail sector. It is the easiest way to have absolute control of the business and thus be able to make strategic decisions quickly and effectively. Currently, there are many such tools on offer, and the functionalities and benefits they should offer should be taken into account before deciding on one of them.

Main functionalities provided by software for the retail sector

funcionalidades que aporta un software para el sector retail

Customer management

By integrating a CRM, the retail software will organise customer information, as well as their entire purchase history. This will be very important for future marketing and commercial actions. Therefore, anything that favours loyalty and control of the actions to be taken will be very positive.

Effective inventory/stock control

Software for the retail sector provides real-time stock and inventory control. Consequently, by being managed in this way, it is possible to reduce inventory without sales or to increase turnover in an optimal way. Another feature is the possibility of generating reports on sales trends that lead to marketing strategies.

Supplier management and purchasing

Being able to analyse the stock allows for more controlled planning of the goods to ensure stock levels. Having the certainty that the best-selling goods will always be available, depending on the time of year, will lead to greater customer satisfaction.

Benefits of having software for the retail sector

Beneficios de tener un software para el sector retail

Offer reliable up-to-date information

To have an overall view of how the company is working, real-time analyses and reports are vital. In addition, accessing this anywhere from mobile devices will also be of great importance.

Adapting to new business models

Due to the optimisation of the different processes in the company's departments, ERP will increase competitiveness compared to other companies in the sector. Thus, offering new and satisfactory omnichannel experiences will increase business opportunities with a more personalised customer service.

Loyalty and improved customer experience

Anticipating and detecting the needs of our customers in order to solve aspects of their business will lead to better customer loyalty. Therefore, staying active with personalised campaigns will provide a great customer experience and high value.

Aspects to take into account when deciding on software for the retail sector

Aspectos para tener en cuenta a la hora de decidirse por un software para el sector retail

There are many aspects to consider when deciding on this tool. Among these, you must always take into account features such as:

It must be flexible

Depending on business needs, this tool must allow implementation on own servers, third parties or in the cloud. Even consider hybrid deployment models for situations where you are not working 100% in the cloud.


It is important that it can be used both through web clients with the most common browsers on the market, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc. But also with desktop customers, which is the most common form of use. Universal applications will also be very useful for mobile devices.

Evolution and innovation

ERP that is constantly improving, looking for simplicity, fixing bugs, or adding new functionalities, will be essential. Therefore, the management of customers and the use of business intelligence tools will increase productivity and improve teamwork.

Where to provide support

  • Project management and project planning, budgeting and implementation.

  • Product cycle management from design, supply chain, orders, POS or incident management.

  • Business analysis with a comprehensive scorecard to have an overall view that allows us to make decisions.

  • Marketing and promotion for the sale and marketing of products, as well as loyalty actions.

We are going to analyse three of the main tools currently available on the market and their general features.

Selection of three outstanding software solutions for the retail sector

tres destacados softwares para el sector retail

SAP Business One

This tool is very powerful because it combines a great POS solution, B2B portals and order management that makes it much easier for companies to run their day-to-day business. This way, ensuring that goods arrive at their point of sale will be very easy with SAP Business One. An outstanding proposal that integrates, among other functionalities:

  • Online and offline POS application for managing sales and merchandise movements: tickets, customer orders, returns. As well as transfers of goods, control and centralised stock management. And of course, easy access to POS terminal functions from the SAP menu.

  • Sales operations that allow customisation of specific conditions for each customer. For example, managing gift tickets, or setting up exclusive payment methods that can be customised to offer better conditions to each customer.

  • Control of the goods by means of a virtual warehouse with selection of articles by means of a list or reader in order to have an exhaustive control.

  • SAP Business One is therefore a great software for the retail sector, supported by a team of certified and highly qualified consultants who will provide all the necessary support.

Ekon Cloud ERP

This tool from the company Ekon, pioneer with the first cloud ERP developed in Spain, is very suitable for first-timers. It is a simple to use and very functional software for SMEs that do not have a very complicated activity. Similarly, if the staff is not very technical, it will also be a good option to take into account.

Ekon Cloud ERP works in the cloud, has a simple interface that allows the incorporation of new functionalities and promotes collaborative work. To access Ekon, no specific installation or configuration is required, which gives it the much needed simplicity again if certain technical knowledge is not available.

Thus, Ekon is a solution developed primarily for retailers and shops and makes it possible to manage the chain from manufacturing to delivery to the final shop.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

This powerful tool encompasses a set of smart business applications, including those for the retail sector. With a more than optimal use, it integrates both Microsoft 365's own productivity tools, as well as customised paid tools.

It stands out for being highly secure software, deployed in Microsoft's own cloud. It integrates Microsoft Power Apps which results in a customised service to meet application needs, regardless of the sector. So, with this system, any company can design its own Apps quickly and without too many complications.

In conclusion, and within the great offer that exists today, SAP Business One is, without a doubt, one of the best options. The scalability of this ERP and the way it can be customised for your business is a real advantage. Furthermore, knowing that behind it there is a company with more than 3000 satisfied customers is a guarantee of success.

Contact our sales department and we will give you the best solution to make your company more efficient. Start now to manage the different areas and resources with one of the best ERP in the market.

CTA sector retail

SAP Business One for RETAIL

Learn about the specific features of SAP Business One for your retail company.

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