Cambiar de ERP, todo lo que debes tener en cuenta

January 26, 2022

Changing ERP, everything you need to consider

At SEIDOR and as specialists in the development of ERP for companies, we want to talk about some of the criteria for changing ERP as well as some of the necessary guidelines to do it in an effective and safe way. We hope they are helpful in helping you to get the most out of your business through this technology.

When is it necessary to change ERP?

Cuando es necesario

As it could not be otherwise, first of all, we must know when it is necessary to change ERP. There are several criteria that can be taken into account to find out that this time has arrived.

1 .- If the ERP user is not satisfied

If you are not satisfied with the service or the terms and conditions offered by the ERP provider. In some cases, this dissatisfaction may be due to poor customer service: In other cases, too many problems. In any case, this is one of the first signs to change ERP.

2 .- This is an obsolete tool

Herramienta obsoleta

Second, another criterion to consider when changing ERP is that the particular software is not compliant or not fit for purpose: Making a business more efficient and saving us work.

3 .- Because there is no integration

This is another of the most recurring reasons for changing ERP: The software we have is not integrated with other tools in our business or directly with our existing infrastructure.

Equally, it can happen with some departments or indeed it can happen with other tools that we have recently added that are leaving our current ERP "out of play".

4 .- Excessive complexity in its use

One of the features with which ERP must comply is accessibility. This is another name for user-friendliness: If your ERP is too complex to manage, there is a good indication that it is time to change it.

A good test of this is to try to teach new employees how to use it: If it is overly complicated and requires long experience to do it, it is probably too complex.

5 .- Does not work in the cloud

This is another essential criterion that we must take into account when operating with ERP. It should operate in the cloud, offering as much flexibility and access as possible. In the event that our ERP system makes us dependent on working in one place or on one device, it is probably time to change it.

Steps to change ERP

Pasos para cambiar

Once we have specified the criteria for assessing whether it is necessary to change ERP, we will go on to discuss the steps that must be taken to do so effectively.

1 .- Choose the software and the provider properly

At SEIDOR we know for a fact that this is, without a doubt, the most important step. To do so, we need to know in detail what the developer's specialities are as well as its specific sectors.

It is therefore necessary to know that we are dealing with a reliable provider, with sufficient infrastructure to support us should the need arise. In short, a provider and software that allows us to avoid each of the previous points we have mentioned and for which it would be necessary to change ERP.

An essential point when choosing a supplier is undoubtedly the maintenance criterion. We must always make sure that the company in question has guarantees in relation to it.

2 .- Migrating the database

When the decision has been taken on the new ERP we are going to have, we will move on to the next step that directly concerns its deployment. For this step, the current database must be imported into the new ERP. In the case of some companies, this service may be offered directly by the ERP support companies themselves.

In some cases, ERP itself has tools to migrate this data. It is best to obtain this information before deciding whether or not to opt for a service.

3 .- Training when changing ERP

Training is another basic step in changing ERP. These are technical tools that require training for the personnel who will be working with them. At this point, and after the data migration has been carried out, it is essential that the workers who are going to work with this tool are adequately trained.

No matter how easy ERP is to use, it will always require a minimum period of training. In the case of some companies, they have the advantage of offering us professionals from their staff dedicated to carrying out this training.

4.- Details for changing ERP

Detalles para cambiar

Once this process has been completed, a few final details must be taken into account to ensure that the communication and operation of ERP is correct. We must maintain some communication with the service provider to ensure that the whole deployment process is completed properly.
This will initiate the next phase, which concerns the software's own functions. At this point, it will be necessary to ensure that it functions properly and adds to the company's activity.

Programming of customised functions or similar details is often necessary at this stage. We would like to recall that ERP is a modular technology: This means that they can have different modules or " parts " depending on the needs of the company or its sector.

Therefore, this last phase when changing ERP is essential, as with this adaptation to the specific characteristics of our company and our sector we will be able to get the most out of it.

At SEIDOR, and as specialists in the development of ERP for companies, we can offer you a tool that is up to date with the times and the needs of your own company. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about what we can offer you for your success.

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