May 31, 2023

Improve your relationship with your customers: the role of ERP in sales

Escucha el audiopost y descubre cómo se mejora la relación con tus clientes: el papel del ERP en ventas

Mejora la relación con tus clientes: el papel del ERP en ventas


We know that maintaining optimal customer relations takes up most of the time you spend managing your SME. It doesn't matter whether it is by offering the best services and products or by getting to know their needs better. It is logical to ask yourself whether it is possible to improve the way you deal with your customer base, while reducing the time and effort invested.

In this article we help you to resolve this question. Let's find out how important the relationship with your customers is, how to improve sales management, and which digital solutions you should implement in your business to achieve it. Don't miss it!

Customer relationships are the cornerstone of your business.

Customer relations are by far the most important factor in the success of any SME. It is, so to speak, the cornerstone underpinning the business process. It also has a direct impact on a company's ability to attract, retain and retain its customer base.

Small and medium-sized enterprises face a number of challenges in this respect. The most important are:

  • Complying with delivery times in an increasingly demanding market.
  • Having transparent processes for customers.
  • Overcoming competition initiatives.
  • Generating quality leads that increase profitability in the future.
  • Extending relationships with customers in time organically.
  • Improving inventory management with accurate data.
  • Achieving effective order tracking that minimises errors.

Companies that work to overcome these challenges reap many benefits. For example, they build strong and long-lasting relationships that give them a better reputation in the marketplace. They also have more data to further grow or improve their products and services.

The role of ERP in your relationship with your customers

An ERP, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, is a type of software that integrates and automates the management of all business processes on a single platform. Today, this solution has become the answer for thousands of companies to overcome the challenges mentioned above and improve customer relations.

With the widespread adoption of ERPs, all organisations, including SMEs, are able to collect, manage and analyse information about customers, better understand their needs, and offer a personalised experience.

To give you an idea of the potential of this kind of software, take a look at these three tools that are usually included:

  • Discovery of business opportunities and trends. ERP data analytics helps the company to detect new business opportunities. It also makes it easier to make appropriate adjustments to your strategy. Similarly, automatically generated reports highlight market trends. It's a big step ahead!
  • Contact management. Another feature of ERPs is that they allow you to keep customer information up to date and organised for better communication.
  • Create more effective marketing campaigns. These platforms also help to undertake personalised advertising actions, which can improve loyalty and increase sales.

No doubt these three points will have caught your attention. However, do all ERP offer the same tools? The truth is that they do not, and that's why it's necessary to choose the most comprehensive solution. And what is that?



How SAP Business One helped its customers to improve their event organisation

SAP Business One, the ERP for SMEs that enhances the relationship with your customers.

SAP Business One is a proposition that hundreds of SMEs have chosen to take up. It is a complete platform with dozens of tools designed to improve customer relations. Want to know more about the most important?

Process simplification

The first highlight of SAP Business One is that it allows you to integrate the various business processes of your SME in one place. This is key to increasing the productivity of the entire company, as it facilitates the management and control of information.

Managing leads and sales opportunities

This powerful software has been designed to go beyond your company's current contacts. That's why it integrates systems that help maximise the conversion of potential customers into loyal customers. This is possible because the information it handles is shared between different departments, such as the commercial, sales and marketing team.

Process automation

How much is your time worth? It is obvious that, when it comes to SMEs, this is a resource that can never be overlooked. But SAP Business One performs many of the tasks automatically. For example, it is possible to manage customer orders and create rules for invoicing processes. And not only do you save time, but you avoid the human errors typical of repetitive tasks.


Creation of contracts and customer agreements

SAP Business One allows you to manage contracts and agreements with customers efficiently, helping you to maintain good customer relationships and avoid problems in the future.

Improved decision-making

Finally, this software allows you to collect and analyse data from different areas of the company, helping department managers to make quick and correct decisions.

Customer relations taken to the next level with SEIDOR

There is no doubt that SAP Business One is an ideal tool to enhance the relationship with your customers and everything related to that. However, implementing a comprehensive platform such as SAP Business One is no easy task. You need a reliable partner with the right expertise to adapt this software to your business processes.

At SEIDOR we have been working for decades with SMEs in all sectors to improve their productivity, profitability and competitiveness in the market. We do this by designing and implementing world-class digital solutions, such as SAP Business One. Contact us now for one of our specialists to advise you.


SAP Business One

Find out all the advantages of having SAP Business One in your business

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