January 02, 2023

The six best ERPs for SMEs in 2023

A new year is upon us and it's time for even SMEs to make propositions. If you haven't chosen an ERP yet, it's time to explore the best options. Or if you have one, your current ERP may not cover all your business needs and it's time to switch to a better option. Either way, you'll be interested in the information we have to offer.

Keep reading to find out the main features of six of the best ERPs for 2023. We'll also explain what you need to do to migrate from one platform to another, and what the most recommended management tool is for your company, regardless of whether you want to change ERPs or implement one from scratch. Don't miss it!

What is ERP?

It would be helpful to answer one important question. What exactly is an ERP? Well, it's an abbreviation for Enterprise Resource Planning. In short, it's software that can manage the vast majority (if not all) of a company's departments and optimise them to make them more productive.

These are the advantages you will get when implementing a solution of this kind in your business:

● Save time and money.
● Improved profitability of the business.
● Integration of all the critical information in one place.
● Task automation.
● More effective teamwork, including among departments.

The best ERPs in 2023 designed for SMEs you should know about

Let's take a look at the best ERPs in 2023 designed for SMEs. This list will help you find good alternatives to your current platform. It can also give you ideas if you haven't yet decided to digitally transform your business.

SAGE 200

SAGE 200 is the ERP solution offered by the well-known British company SAGE. It is designed for SMEs and has the characteristics needed to manage an entire business. This comprehensive management is modular and customisable to suit the needs of companies in any sector.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is the tool used by thousands of companies worldwide. In fact, some estimates suggest that its market share could exceed 20%.

It has a wealth of options for managing processes, with modules for practically any situation.


CASE STUDY: Pinter Caipo

Improved productivity and profitability thanks to having a centralised system such as SAP Business One

Business Central

Business Central is an ERP from Microsoft. It is a solution for keeping accounts that stores all the information in the cloud and is compatible with third-party solutions. This is without a doubt a very enticing option if your company is already a regular user of Microsoft software.


Oracle also has a lot to offer in the field of ERP. In this case, its product goes by the NETSUITE brand. It stands out in the same fields as other competitors. It offers good financial management, it features good integration options and processes information to improve decision-making.It also has a cloud infrastructure.

Aqua eBS

Let's continue with another alternative in the world of ERPs. Aqua eBS is an ERP that stands out for its high customisation and its ability to cover a wide range of tasks. Similarly, it focuses on automation and integration with other platforms, such as online stores. To find out the price, you need to request a quote.


Holded is the last option we'll present today. It's an ERP that works in the cloud with specialised features for different sectors. For example, it works with SMEs in the hospitality and retail sectors, to give just two examples.


What ERP should I choose in 2023?

At SEIDOR, we specialise in implementing digital technologies to make companies more productive, especially SMEs. We have already seen what the characteristics of an ERP are and how essential this tool is for streamlining processes, managing them efficiently, reducing the error rate and making better decisions. However, what is the best option available on the market?

Our team of experts is clearly partial to SAP Business One. Why? These are the reasons:

  • CRM integration. Having your ERP and CRM work in harmony has many benefits for your company. This helps give you an extensive and complete picture of each customer's situation.
  • Absolute control over the entire business. SAP Business One adapts to all SMEs thanks to its versatility and the modules included in the package. Track the availability of raw materials, arrange purchases and manage every aspect of your relationship with the customer.
  • Get reports. The reports provided by this SAP solution are very powerful and will let you make better decisions now and in the future. It also integrates nicely with SAP Crystal Reports to give you detailed graphic reports and analysis.
  • Integration. A stand-alone ERP is of no use. To varying extents, the options mentioned in this article can work with other applications. However, SAP Business One works with the best applications on the market, like Microsoft Office. The integration is such that you can even save a Word file as an SAP activity.
  • Internationalisation: SAP Business One offers assistance in 28 languages and has specific versions for 50 countries. It is a fully multi-language, multi-currency solution. It is the perfect software for companies that sell abroad or have branches.

If you are thinking of digitally transforming your business, it's time to leverage the capabilities an ERP can offer. But don't forget the most important thing: choosing the right partner. Contact us now and get advice from the most reliable SAP partner on the market. Your SME has no time to lose!


SAP Business One

Learn about the specific features of SAP Business One

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