Cliente Web para SAP Business One

April 22, 2020

Web client for SAP Business One

Many new features of the new version 10 of SAP Business One focus on improving the user experience, both in the traditional desktop client and with the option of accessing it from mobility and web environments.

Desktop client

The new design of SAP Fiori extends to all the ways of interacting with the system, and through it we find new themes for the traditional desktop version that harmonise the user experience, providing a more current and modern look.

Web Client

The Web Client is the fastest and easiest way to access all the capabilities of SAP, providing users with a clear and adaptable interface where the main functions are represented by functional tiles or cubes. Each of these tiles can be a container for processes, such as the creation of certain documents, lists, analytics, indicators, etc.

The only requirement for accessing SAP through this client is to have a computer or tablet that can run a web browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. The web client is currently available on all supported database systems, both HANA and MS SQL.

The functions included in this new client currently focus on the sales module, and will be extended to other areas in the future (purchasing, CRM, services, financing, etc.).

Some of the main features are detailed below:

  • Creation, processing and updating of the main documents (quotes, orders, deliveries and invoices).
  • Creation and updating of articles, customers, activities and notifications.
  • Document printing.
  • Multiple branches.
  • Advanced analytics and editor (SAP HANA)
    • Analysis of sales and charts by row and documents.
    • Analysis of customer and supplier balances.
    • Financial analyses.
    • Inventory status. And more.
  • Advanced business search (SAP HANA)
  • Authorisations and data ownership.
  • Approval process and drafts.
  • Support in 28 languages.
  • Single Sign On (SSO) support

The included screen designer will let users arrange the desktop based on their needs and work styles by creating new areas or groupings in which to put the included tiles, or even create new tiles to include processes, information views or external shortcuts using the extensibility tools.

As with the desktop version, the notifications area will keep users up-to-date with everything that is going on in the system that needs tending to, such as alerts, scheduled activities, approvals, etc.

In addition, access is provided to user fields and tables, which are key to adapting SAP Business One to the unique needs of each customer.

The Web Client is present in the new version of the product, SAP Business One 10.0 and SAP Business One 10.0 version for SAP HANA.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One

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