¿A qué empresas va dirigido un software SAP ERP?

August 31, 2022

Which companies can benefit with SAP ERP software?

Escucha el audiopost de empresas a las que va dirigido un software SAP ERP

¿A qué empresas va dirigido un software SAP ERP?


Being familiar with the SAP ERP software company market is extremely important if you want to make the most of them. Here are the key points you should take into account when deciding.

The main types of companies that use SAP ERP software

Before we start, it is important to know that an ERP system can be used in all types of companies. There are two fundamental reasons why:

  • The SEIDOR One module system allows you to activate only the features you need. What's more, you can adapt to changes in your company, which is particularly attractive for SMEs in certain sectors, since the implementation cost is affordable.
  • If you work with the SAP Business One solution, you will find specific solutions geared towards all types of companies and sectors of activity.

With this in mind, let's analyse the relevant companies according to their type and how they use SAP software.


While there can be various types of companies, depending on their size, we are talking essentially about SMEs and large companies.

The most common are SMEs, with fewer than 250 workers or a turnover of less than 50 million euros. Within this category, we can distinguish medium-sized enterprises (50 to 250 employees and more than 10 million in turnover) from small (less than 50 employees and 10 million in turnover) and micro (less than 10 employees and 2 million in turnover).

Large companies are those with more than 250 workers, a turnover of more than 50 million euros or a balance of 43 million euros. In general, the larger the company, the greater the complexity. And, obviously, the more features that will be needed.

SAP ERP software can be very useful for both SMEs and large companies, as it streamlines business management and adds value.


Company ownership can be private or public. In the former, the company is owned by an individual or a company. The latter requires that a public institution owns at least 50.01% of the shares or holdings.

It should be noted that issues such as security or data protection are important in all companies, but even more so in public companies. For this reason, it is advisable to use a specific ERP.


Sector of activity

Companies can be divided according to their sector of activity. Traditionally, companies are divided into primary (agriculture, livestock farming and fishing), secondary (industry and construction) and tertiary (services, fundamentally).

However, for the purposes of ERP, it is most important to choose a software that fits your needs. For example, a production or processing company will attach particular importance to inventory issues. However, a real estate company will focus much more on CRM.

What are the main features of SAP ERP software?

The choice between SAP software companies, in terms of which modules to use, is simple, given that you can activate as many as you want. Nevertheless, it is important to know what the main features are:

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Customer and sales management is key because, ultimately, companies aim to sell and generate income. Here you will have an individual file for each customer with their purchase history, average ticket and preferences. This information is especially important for knowing where you are in the customer life cycle and for making personalised offers.

In addition, it becomes possible to control billing, issue invoices and confirm collection. Finally, you have the option of reserving stock units for a customer in order to ensure supply.

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Success story - IBEC

Find out why the Catalan biotechnology institute decided to consider changing their ERP to SAP Business One.

Financial management

Financial management is the feature that allows you to determine the status of your company at any given time. It also makes it easier for you to act proactively and to make the necessary changes quickly.

For example, you can view all your bank accounts from the same ERP terminal and make transactions. You can also make entries in accounts, as well as structure your income statements. And all while following the guidelines of the General Accounting Plan.

Human Resources Management

The Human Resources module is another useful feature. You will have a complete list to know when there are days off or holidays, allowing you to control absenteeism and to know the level of training of each staff member. This way, it will be much easier to make effective decisions.

Gestión de recursos humanos

Inventory management

Inventory management is one of the key features, especially in production or distribution companies. Incoming and outgoing goods as well as stock status can be monitored. What's more, you can conduct such control measures in all the company's warehouses, independently of each other. Finally, the location of the goods can be assigned on the basis of their lot or label.

Purchasing management

The purchasing management module allows you to compare several suppliers and check their history. This information is crucial, since it gives you the power to negotiate with greater discretion. In times of Big Data, having information is synonymous with power, if used correctly. No wonder this module is usually activated.

Production management

This feature is essential for companies that are engaged in industry or the transformation of raw materials. In this case, it is possible to calculate manufacturing costs and break them down by raw materials, labour or supplies. This makes it easier to reduce costs and strategically time production. For example, there are times or seasons when energy is more expensive. The same is true of raw materials or labour.

Companies that use SAP software tend to be more competitive because they have a solution produced by a leading company with more than 80,000 customers worldwide of different sizes and sectors. SEIDOR One helps you to make your company more efficient. Contact us for more information!


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