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December 09, 2022

Feed SAP analytics cloud with SAP BusinessObjects data using the new connector

The latest version of the current BusinessObjects 4.3 SP2 platform can now be installed along with the new edition of the SAC connector Live Data Connect 3.4., which allows cloud users to consume real SAC data from both WebIntelligence and Universes documents in way that is more agile and secure than ever before. In this article, we will explain its new features and how to install it successfully.

New features and installation tips

The basics behind this connector, and how to install it quickly, are covered in the following articles.

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How to configure and use WebIntelligence reports as a real-time data source for SAP Analytics Cloud?

The main difference between the new Live Data Connector 3.1 and previous versions is the ability to access and use data stored in SAP BusinessObjects WebIntelligence.

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The road towards SAP hybrid analytics: Did you know that you can connect SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BI Platform in just 20 minutes?

Many organisations are already migrating to fully cloud-based solutions for data storage and analysis.

Since these initial versions, SAP has provided improvements in terms of stability and reliability, as well as providing the following tangible benefits for the end user:

  • Greater security with SSL compatibility
  • Improved auditing
  • Better usability with the possibility to drill down

The following technical improvements have also been made from the motor side:

  • More robust architecture, eliminating reliance on Restful service
  • Greater security, allowing only the jks format for the SSL keystore
  • Greater privacy, as the SSL password can be stored in a concealable file

At the installation level, the process is largely the same, with minor changes in the area of configuration, specifically in the file:

  • Delete the line "boe.restsdk.url="
  • Complete the "boe.nameserver=" parameter with the following server data: "SERVERNAME:PORT"
  • Use a jks type keystore in "connector.https.keystore.file=", specifically ".jks", as any other format is no longer supported
  • Change "connector.https.keystore.password=" to "connector.https.keystore.password.file=", and enter the password in a text file


The combination of the latest versions of SAP Analytics Cloud, Live Data Connect and SAP BusinessObjects is rich in new features and provides great stability to any hybrid environment with SAC & SAP BO, with the help of the LDC 3.4. connector, which is ready to be used in productive environments and is no longer just for demos.

If you have any questions, or would like more information to help you plan your migration to SAP BI 4.3, please contact us using the Contact form

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November 19, 2022

How to configure and use WebIntelligence reports as a real-time data source for SAP Analytics Cloud?

The biggest advantage of this new version of the connector is the possibility to leverage WebI queries so that pre-existing dimensions, measures, hierarchies, variables and merged dimensions can be reused, saving in both time and cost.

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Lluís Aspachs
SAP BO Evangelist Data & Analytics en SEIDOR