July 05, 2023

UKG and time management: driving the employee experience

One of the key areas of Human Resources in recent years has been the employee experience, which refers to all the perceptions, emotions, opinions and experiences of employees in a company. When developing its solution for time management, UKG had a clear premise: employee satisfaction is directly related to productivity, while dissatisfaction leads to lower performance, lack of commitment and increased staff turnover, which entails additional costs in hiring and training.

In this article, we will talk about how technology is the way to improve our Human Resources departments, examining in particular the solution proposed by UKG, UKG Dimensions.

What factors can drive the employee experience?

Technology has changed our lives. With regard to Human Resources, we are able to boost employee satisfaction and engagement through advances such as automation, artificial intelligence and real-time analytics. Below, we will see what aspects employees specifically benefit from and which therefore improve their experience:

  • Empowerment: thanks to technology, work tasks are facilitated and improved, optimising management and streamlining processes. Employees can perform more tasks in less time, be interconnected, and have access to real-time information, boosting efficiency and supervisors' control. The availability of real-time information and the full transparency of data and processes enable decisions to be made on the basis of objective information. Automation, meanwhile, allows us to avoid repetitive or low-value tasks. This all adds up to a more positive perception of the work being done.
  • Flexibility: Employees value flexibility in companies, as it gives them more opportunities and personal satisfaction. In an increasingly demanding labour market, organisations must offer flexible options in order to attract and retain talent, while having the right tools for control.
  • Communication and mobility: Having all the necessary information organised at their fingertips allows employees to focus on production instead of wasting time on administrative tasks. Control and planning capacity are essential at all times. Effective communication and mobility are key to keeping employees informed and connected.

One of the current problems for companies is talent retention. Employee experience has been shown to play a key role in the employee's sense of belonging and responsibility towards the company, which fosters long-term commitment.

In short, technology is a way to improve employee experience, and this is where solutions like that which we present today become important, by allowing continuous evaluation of satisfaction and timely decision-making. Let's take a look at what UKG's time management software has to offer:



The best solution for comprehensive employee time and attendance with UKG

UKG Dimensions and time management. What does this tool offer?

UKG Dimensions is a cloud-based smart solution by UKG, a leader in human capital management, which drives productivity through full workforce management, time management and employee experience.

However, this platform goes much further. This is a scalable solution that can be completely integrated with any system we are using, such as SAP Successfactors. It is not limited to management, but focuses on continuous improvement. Its embedded analytics puts artificial intelligence at the service of optimising business results, offering recommendations and useful knowledge for decision-making.

It is a multi-platform system that can be used both on websites and on mobile devices and tablets, among others. It is designed to provide a satisfactory user experience, regardless of the screen from which it is being used.

It is fully configurable, meaning that each employee can customise their interface according to their preferences and needs.

Main functionalities of UKG Dimensions

  • Automatic time management: Various shifts can be created that facilitate daily management and weekly and monthly planning.
  • Employee presence management: Check-in and check-out times, breaks and any exceptions or flexibility adjustments are recorded. The tool automatically generates notifications for both the supervisor and the employee. In addition, justifications of absences are managed simply and include notifications to the employee in the event of repeated absences or other incidents.
  • Assignment, management and modification of roles.
  • Management of absences and holidays, including the entire approval cycle and available absence quotas. The total transparency and simplicity of the tool provide both employees and supervisors real-time control of the situation.
  • Management of overtime and special hours: All relevant aspects such as approval flows and remuneration can be controlled and administered. The tool covers all types of events, such as bank holidays, weekends, night shifts, etc.
  • Analysis: The tool prepares activity reports which give Human Resources departments a complete, objective and real-time vision of the workforce. It also facilitates the general tasks of the Human Resources department when detecting and coordinating retroactive modifications and managing payment codes.

Why choose SEIDOR?

SEIDOR has been on the market for over 40 years promoting the competitiveness, productivity and efficiency of companies through technology. Our Employee Experience team is responsible for people management and their digitalisation strategy. We have an extensive track record of more than 430 customers, including important national and international firms.

Our team has all the official UKG certifications to carry out the implementation optimally. We maintain a close relationship with this supplier and are aware of all the tool updates.

With regard to our methodology, we always address projects from a Human Resources perspective, taking into account five essential components:

  • The company's corporate culture.
  • The digitalisation of processes and ensuring their correct implementation.
  • Alignment with business needs, ensuring that they are met with the solution and applied correctly.
  • Providing organisations with analytical capacity and optimal management.
  • User experience. We ensure that anyone using the tool enjoys a friendly, agile environment with satisfactory usability at all times.

Now you know a little more about what the UKG Dimensions solution for managing time can do for your company and the employee's experience. If you would like more information about this solution, don't hesitate to ask us for advice without any commitment. A member of our team of experts will get in touch with you to provide you with assistance.


UKG Dimensions

Discover the most comprehensive solution for the management of time and attendance

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