On DEMAND webinar

BATTO by SEIDOR, the localisation solution that will optimise your business

Locate and monitor your assets and people in real time

- September 21, 2023

- 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

In this webinar, we want to present to you BATTO by SEIDOR, an RTLS (Real Time Location Service) Platform for locating and monitoring assets and people in real time, which allows you to extract information from movement flows and optimise business processes. You will learn about the four solutions and their benefits in the following sectors:

  • INDUSTRY: Locate and monitor your assets in real time in any type of industrial facility, whilst optimising your manufacturing and logistics processes and improving the plant control environment.
  • HEALTH: Analyse movement flows in health environments to make management and security processes more efficient.
  • RETAIL: Monitor your customers in supermarkets and department stores to analyse your customers' movement flows, identify purchasing patterns and improve decision-making.
  • TOURISM: Offer your visitors new experiences. Make sure visitors have information about points of interest in their pocket at the necessary time and place.

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Erik Rodríguez

Erik Rodríguez

Innovation Manager en SEIDOR

Jose Maria Lopez

Jose Maria Lopez

Strategic Marketing Manager en SEIDOR