In-person event

Discover the potential of EDGE technologies at an exclusive event

Barcelona - Gallery hotel Barcelona

- March 29, 2023

Due to the multiple devices present inside companies, Gartner expects that by 2025, 75% of the data of organisations will be processed outside their data centres or Cloud.

The transmission, storage and processing of these vast amounts of data will become impossible to manage, for both technical (performance, storage, etc.) and economic reasons.

This imminent paradigm shift in corporate computing will create new business challenges, but it will also offer a competitive opportunity and advantage for organisations that are more agile in their transformation.

Join one of the EDGE technology training sessions we are organising in the following cities:

  • Madrid, Wednesday, 15 March.
  • Bilbao, Wednesday, 22 March.
  • Barcelona, Wednesday, 29 March.

Sign up on the form, choose the city and you will receive confirmation of the location so you can attend and share with SEIDOR experts and other multi-sector companies this training session that will give you the keys to deal with this challenge successfully.