SEIDOR partner of the Sónar festival

- June 15, 2023

SEIDOR partner of the Sónar festival, where art and technology meet

We have become the first technology consultancy to sponsor Sónar, a pioneering cultural event and an international benchmark in creativity, science, technology and new trends in electronic dance music, which will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in Barcelona on 15, 16 and 17 June of this year.

As a new partner of the festival, we invited Kate Darling, the world's leading expert in robot ethics, to take part in the Sónar+D international congress. Kate Darling is a researcher and scientist at the MIT Media Lab who studies the evolving relationships between human beings and seemingly living machines, an increasingly relevant issue as Artificial Intelligence becomes more prominent in people's daily lives.

Together with SEIDOR, Kate Darling will give a talk on the future social, ethical and legal relationships between humans and our robotic creations, which will take place on Friday 16 June as part of the Sónar+D 2023 programme.

See you where art and technology meet!