Azure Machine Learning: Demand forecast and Predictive analysis

Online Event

- July 11, 2023

- 10:00h - 10:45h

Demand forecast and Predictive analysis

Anticipation and adaptability are critical determinants of business success, so in this online session we will show you in a practical way how Azure Machine Learning technologies can strengthen your operations.

Explore how these powerful machine learning instruments offer predictive insights that make planning more efficient and anticipate future unknown risks.

A step forward towards a more intelligent and resilient organisation.


  • Current status | Contribution of predictive capabilities | Volume | Variety | Speed
  • Modules of an automated predictive system | Azure Machine Learning platform
  • Use cases and practical approaches | Achieving results with effective strategies
  • Integration of the analytical system into traditional systems
  • Roadmap | Definition of the first steps

Sign up and empower your organisation to understand future demand and plan for different business areas. See you there!

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Cara Alessandro Galleto

Alessandro Galleto

Project Manager Microsoft en SEIDOR