Challenges of digital management and employee experience in the public sector

Online event

- October 06, 2022

- 10:00h - 11:30h

In this session SEIDOR and SAP will explain the benefits for public bodies of implementing SAP SuccessFactors, Qualtrics Employee Experience and SAP Work Zone human capital management solutions for human resources.

Among other challenges, we will discuss measuring employee engagement and satisfaction, how we can set and measure the achievement of objectives, transparency in performance, or having a more advanced employee portal with a two-way system.


  • Presentation. Evolution of the management of people in public sector institutions.
  • Management and improvement of the experience of the digital public employee with SAP SuccessFactors, Qualtrics Employee Experience and SAP Work Zone for human resources.
  • Main use cases and applications for employee lifecycle management.
  • Cloud data security of SAP systems in human resources
  • Open space for questions

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Richard Pradas

Richard Pradas

Director de Preventa y Customer Engagement

Director de Preventa y Customer Engagement en SEIDOR

Oscar Francisco Hernández

Oscar Francisco Hernández

Presales Senior Specialist en SAP

Presales Senior Specialist

Antonio Vergara

Antonio Vergara

Delegado Protección de Datos

Delegado Protección de Datos en SAP

Manuel Magalhaes

Manuel Magalhaes

Director SAP SuccessFactors en España

Director SAP SuccessFactors