Dialogues for Development I BILBAO


- October 06, 2022

- 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Competing in an uncertain environment

Jorge Dezcallar and Eduardo Madina will reflect on the socio-economic prospects for the last quarter of the year, covering topics such as economic projections to 2030 and the European Union's priorities for the coming years, due to its loss of relevance on the global stage. They will discuss the world to come, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the global context of an interdependent economy, in which issues such as cybersecurity and the energy crisis will take centre stage.

They will talk about the new geopolitical situation in North Africa and its impact on the country, as well as the need for economic transformation on the axes of sustainability and technological adaptation, among other topics of interest to attendees of the Basque business network.

SEIDOR will participate in one of the presentations that will be held at the event by Javier Irazoqui, Business Development & Sales Manager at SEIDOR.


Javier Irazoqui

Javier Irazoqui

Business Development & Sales Manager

Business Development & Sales Manager at SEIDOR